20 Resourceful Ways To Use Mason Jars

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There are many ways to use Mason Jars. All you need is some time and creativity and you’ve got yourself a nice little do-it-yourself project. From canning vegetables, baking treats, storing candy or creating lanterns, the amount of ways a person can use a Mason Jar is limitless. This list will force you to put on your creative hat and explore your imagination, and hopefully you’ll be engulfed by your creative side. Here are some resourceful ways to use a Mason Jar.

Candy Jar

You can use Mason Jars to organize your favorite candies in a unique, creative way. The jars can be made into a gift or party favor.

Drinking Glass

Mason Jars are perfect for serving ice cold beverages. You can get fancy by adding sliced fruits to the glass as well.

Canning Jar

Mason Jars are often used to preserve fruits and vegetables. Canning also helps to make tasty homemade jams.

Soap Dispenser

You can make your own soap dispenser by simply adding a spout to your mason jars. This will help get rid of all those plastic soap bottles.

Flower Vase

Get creative with your mason jars by using them as flower vases for your beautiful flower arrangements. You can get creative by painting the jars with acrylic paint.

Salad Holder

Tasty salads can be easily made in these jars. You can even create a Mason Jar Salad to give to your friends and family members.

Wine Glass

If you want to get a little glassy with a mason jar, try a mason jar wine glass. They are available to purchase but you can make your own by gluing a crystal candle stick at the bottom of the jar.

Picture Frames

You can create these neat little picture frames and keepsakes by placing a photo inside of the jar and then fill the jar with vegetable oil. The oil will help the photo stick to the jar and will give it a tan, vintage color.

Spice Holder

Contain all of your cooking spices by placing them in different little jars. This is a great way to keep your spices neat and organized.

Grow Plants

You can grow your own plants and herbs in mason jars. Just make sure the plants get plenty of sunlight.

Cupcake In A Jar

Mason Jars are perfect for creating little desserts for you and your family. Cupcakes in a Jar is a durable way to transport tasty treats to friends and family.

Bird Feeder

Feed nature’s little friends by making nifty bird feeders out of the jars. All you need is a chicken feeder and some twine to tie the mason jar to the feeder.

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Jazz up your dinner table with mason jar salt and pepper shakers. These can be easily made by pouring salt and pepper into jars and screwing on a cap with holes.

Match Holder

Want a creative way to hold your matches? You can do so by creating a match holder. Top the jar off with some sandpaper to help strike the match.


Create and customize your own candles in a mason jar. You can make the candles any scent or color you’d like. This is a great housewarming gift.

Toothpick Dispenser

You can create a neat toothpick dispenser. Just pokes some holes on the lid using a hammer and nail for easy access to the toothpicks.

Sewing Kit Storage

Store all of your sewing essentials in the jar. The top is made of fabric with a large cotton ball to stick the pins in.

Table Lamp

If your want to change up the lighting decor in your home, consider trying this. You can create this by placing a single clip light through the lid of the jar and cover it with your favorite lamp shade.

Beach Terrarium

Get the kids involved by creating a beach terrarium. Grab some sand, rocks and sea shells to create a piece of the beach right in your home.

Tea Light Lantern

Tea light lanterns are a great way to create small lighting outside. They’re perfect for dates, weddings, or parties. All you have to do is add a small candle to the jar and light it.