10 Actual Technologies That Seem Like They’re From Sci-Fi Movies

If you asked people in the ancient ages about how they envisioned the world today, there’s no way they could have imagined it being this advanced. Even movies from a few years ago never managed to portray the world coming so far when it comes to technological advancements. What used to be featured in sci-fi movies is now actually established truths and facts because of advancements in technology. The breakthroughs in science are so huge that our reality now looks like some low key sci-fi movie

Technology Proves How Vulnerable The Human Brain Is

Scientists at the Usenix Security managed to get the computers to administer just how vulnerable the human brain is by reading pin codes and passwords using an EKG.

Robotic Exoskeletons Now Used by NASA

NASA went a step further and managed to use robotic exoskeletons. These bad boys consist of four motorized joints and six passive joints and are only 57 lbs. in weight.