You’ll Never Guess What 19 Things Kate Middleton Does That Bothers The Queen

The Short Skirts

Wedges versus pumps are one thing. Knee exposure is entirely another in the mind of the monarchy. Kate Middleton, fashion lover and trend setter extraordinaire, has been seen out and about in many a short skirt and dress, much to the Queen’s very vocal displeasure.

The Wedding Dress

After the ceremony that rocked the world, Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was on display in London for fans to visit and take photos. Whether it was the event or the dress, no one is sure, but the Queen did say at one point during the process “I’m not keen on this.” Burn.

The Hair

The Kate Middleton has become such an iconic and recognizable hairstyle as of late that people can actually request it at their hair stylists! Her Majesty, the Queen, though, is not such a fan, having apparently told Kate numerous times to cut it to shoulder length.

The Booty

Ever the discreet and modest head of state, the Queen has never been fond of the idea of showing off one’s skin more than is absolutely necessary. This, of course, makes things awkward for Kate who has been photographed out and about more than once in some pretty revealing bikinis.