Top 20 Places To Live, Work And Be Happy

United States

The United States probably wouldn’t have made this list just a few years ago. The country has managed to turn itself around and now has one of the higher per capita incomes in the world, while also boasting an unemployment rate of just 5.3 percent. Women who have school age kids are able to find plenty of jobs, with 73 percent of this population working.


Belgian people worked an average of just 1,550 hours per year. That is amongst the lowest in the world and that means you’ll have plenty of time to have some fun with your friends or hang out with your family. Just four percent of workers averaged more than 50 hours per week. Also, there’s the draw of Belgium Waffles.


Ireland is on this list thanks to its per capita income and its low (for the region) unemployment rate of just over nine percent. That might seem high when compared to a few other countries on this list but when you factor in the high pay, it appears that if you can get yourself a job in Ireland, you’ll be quite happy there.


Iceland is a great place to work for all sorts of people, but it is especially attractive for women who want to have families and still work. 87 percent of mothers in Iceland also hold down a job after their children reach school age.

The annual salary approaching $45,000 means that for the most part, people who have a job are making decent money. Considering the country has a 3.2 percent unemployment rate, nearly everyone who wants a job can get one.