The 10 Most Epically Timed Photos Ever

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There are some photos out on the web that are almost too good to be believed. These photos were timed so epically well that it’s hard to understand just how in the world the photographer had their finger on the trigger at the right time. Many of these photos are going to look as if they might have been photoshopped, but the fact of the matter is they are just incredibly well timed. Once you get a look at these, you’ll wish you had the quick trigger that brought these photos to life. Check out these 10 most epically timed photos ever and then let us know if you’ve ever managed to get this lucky in your work.

The Horse’s Head Man!

You’ve heard of the headless horseman, this is his cousin. Actually it’s just a horse getting his head in the picture at just the right time, but it looks freaky as heck.

A Water Hat

This photo makes it look as though the kid is encased in water. Turns out the photographer hit the button at just the right time.

The Legend Is True

All that sex education in school was a lie! The stork really does bring our babies to us!

Nice Legs Dude

Take a second and see if you can figure out how this one was pulled off. Keep in mind, this isn’t a photoshop job.

Totally Tubular

Those people look like they’re having a really good time riding their magical wave.

Making Friends?

I don’t think I would befriend the dog on the left. He looks transparent but I’m not sure how genuine he’d really be as a friend.

She Has The Power

We’re glad Victor Frankenstein didn’t design the Statue of Liberty. We’d be afraid of the fallout when she got up and started walking around.

I See You!

This would be a truly terrifying hybrid if it existed in real life.We would call her Mothzilla! Because the other name is already taken.

Love is in the Air

These girls seem to have practiced this quite a lot. Still, it takes some skill and great timing to hit this shot so perfectly.

The Fire Is Happy!

This is one of those photos that absolutely looks like it has to be photoshopped. Instead, it’s just some incredible timing where the flame has bent and moved to the point where it looks like a smile.