8 Beautiful Examples of Origami Paper Art

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Origami is a wonderful style of art. Intricate and amazing mini sculptures, created from just single sheets of paper, without the use of scissors or glue. It’s all about dedication, patience, and precision. Origami paper art is most often associated with Japanese culture, but more and more the rest of the world is getting in on the paper folding action. We’ve rounded up eight of the best we could find on the internet, so be amazed and enjoy these works of art.


This little chap is made out of nothing more than paper. So hard to believe, as it has such a lifelike quality to it.


Swans are actually one of the most common pieces of Origami art. That doesn’t make this any less beautiful however.


Fun fact: Origami literally translates to Paper Folding. Well, we guess that was pretty obvious actually…


This work of art is undoubtedly a sculpture of mammoth proportions. Sorry.


Allow us to play you a song on the world’s smallest violin. It’d be really impressive if it actually worked. Still pretty though.


Of course, if violin isn’t your bag, you can always have a jam on our tiny grand piano.


Fold paper you will, to make Yoda it shall.


We’d sleep a lot sounder at night knowing we had this guy guarding us from thieves and the like.