20 TV Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon

Television shows come and go, but if you’re a die-hard fan, they will stay in your heart forever. Some viewers become emotionally invested in their favorite TV shows and tend to get angry when one of their favorites gets canceled. Often, television shows are canceled before the networks give them a chance to reach their peak. Others are canceled simply because the network no longer wants to spend production money. Here’s a list of TV shows that were canceled entirely too soon regardless of how successful they were or had the potential to be.

Eye Candy

MTV canceled this suspenseful show after only one season. Fans let the network know how upset they were by creating a petition to bring the series back.


The Pretty Little Liars spinoff only lasted for 10 episodes. Despite having a loyal fan base, ABC Family decided to cancel the supernatural series due to low ratings.


The mystery teen drama Twisted followed the life of a teenager who was charged with killing his aunt at the age of 11. Twisted was picked up for a full season in 2013 after receiving huge ratings. ABC Family canceled the series in 2014 without any explanation.


Sara Michelle Gellar starred in this short-lived CW series. Ringer was canceled after one season due to a decline in ratings.