10 Horrible Serial Killers Still On The Loose

Serial Killers, thanks to modern culture and the media, have become synonymous with evil. These are individuals who take things a step too far after losing any modicum of sanity they once had. They hunt down their victims, stalking them for lengthy periods of time, and then kidnap and kill innocent people in truly disturbing manners. Some of the serial killers, such as the Zodiac Killer, have become cult icons amongst people who love the topic. Sadly, despite how many have been captured and put behind bars, there are always some who escape through the cracks. Here are ten horrible serial killers still on the loose.

The Long Island Killer

The Long Island Killer is known for having dismembered and dumped the corpses of numerous victims along the shores of Long Island. Since 1996, this man or woman has killed 14 victims, but has not yet been captured. One of his victims was a toddler.

The Vending Machine Killer

Hailing from Japan, The Vending Machine Killer would lace the drinks within vending machine chutes with a poison known as paraquat, which causes nausea and then killed a few days later. 10 people have died from this killer, while 35 more survived with the help of medical professionals.