20 Things We Have Learnt From Superhero Films

Superhero’s Can Never Protect Their Indentities

Even though most superhero’s are aware of the fact that revealing their identities could lead to the endangerment of those near and dear to them, they never manage to keep their identity a secret for too long.

Working In A Team Is Hard Work

The ‘Justice League’ film is on its way and ‘The Avengers’ have already had two stints on the big screen. We are even expecting the arrival of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ on the small screen very soon. Most of these superhero teams however, have very poor coordination skills and are initially terrible as a team. You would think that being superhuman would improve their team work skills as well, but apparently that is not how it works. We must see our hero’s fail as team before they can look glorious succeeding together.

Battles Can Be Very Chatty

The average run-time of a battle in a superhero movie would be much shorter if they protagonist and antagonist didn’t spend so much time chatting with each other, discussing the moral high ground of the situation. The results in most battles would have also been different considering how many villains are defeated while they are at the end of a very unnecessary monologue.

Most Costumes Are Useless

Even though most superhero costumes are very well designed and extremely well thought out, they are predominantly useless, serving nothing more than an aesthetic purpose which is usually unnecessary. Except for Batman and Iron Man who rely on their suit for their powers, most hero’s shouldn’t be in a costume at all. Imagine how much more difficult it would be to narrow down on your secret identity if you didn’t have a dress code!