20 Canceled Disney Films And Series

Disney is a household family friendly name and with good reason. This is the company that has brought out instant classic film and animated series which ultimately sparked iconic cartoon characters. However, there are several films and animated series that were in production only to get dropped before completion. Here are the top 20 Disney films and animated cartoon series that we’ll never see officially release from the company. You might be surprised what films and sequels were dropped!

Where The Wild Things Are

Back in 1983, when Disney still owned the rights to Where The Wild Things Are, John Lasseter directed a quick 30-second film test which would show off what could ultimately become a feature length film. However, the film never took off and in 2001 Universal acquired the rights. Nevertheless, the test video is available to watch online.


Newt was officially announced through Disney and Pixar back in 2008. The film was about two of the last remaining blue-footed newts around the world that are forced together in order to save the species. Reasoning behind the cancellation was because of the film Rio, a film that was being released around the same time and had a similar story.

Fraidy Cat

Fraidy Cat was a film about a cat that was accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Now his life of leisure and normalcy was taken away as he attempts to prove his innocence. Apparently, the film was well received with the staff though the executives felt that the film wouldn’t be a marketable success and pulled the plug.

The Gremlins

Disney was originally looking to release a version of The Gremlins by Ronald Dahl. After creating two screenplays, the project was dropped but over 5,000 copies of the promotional book to go along with the film was released to the public.