20 Things To Do When You’re Bored

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Although we all have many things to do these days with technology the way it is, we still somehow get bored. Maybe you are tired of being on the computer or you are getting bored with your phone and texting. With so much to do these days from computers to video games, it can be surprising when someone says they are bored. However, some people still find a way to get bored with what they have and look for something else to do to entertain themselves. If you are bored with the things you have to do daily and need a change, here are 20 things to do when you’re bored.

Send Postcards To Your Long-Distance Friends

This will not only surprise them and make them happy, but it will give you something different to do. You can even make them on the computer and print them out. When making them on the computer, you can personalize them for your friends, which will make them really happy and make them realize you care for them.

Get Creative With Alcohol

If you like to drink, are old enough, and get tired of having some boring beer, why not get creative with your alcohol? Cut different fruits up and put it in your liquor or you can also blend up an alcohol smoothie. Everyone likes smoothies and you can make your own with some liquor you have in your home. Just mix up some fruit in your blender and add some vodka, tequila, or even a few shots of whiskey to it and you are good to go. Not only will you have fun making it but you will have fun drinking it as well. Just remember everything is better in moderation. Be responsible with it and don’t drink and drive.

Experiment With Your Nail Polish And Mix It Up A Little

If you have different color nail polish and you get bored, you can take the different colors and paint each nail a different color. Then add some nail stickers to your nails. Not only is this a definite boredom buster since you have to really concentrate when doing this but it can be fun to dress up your nails a little different.

Start Painting

Have you ever thought of taking up painting? You don’t have to be a real painter to use the paint-by-numbers system. You can even use this system to paint real masterpieces. Be careful because painting-by-numbers can get addictive and you might find yourself wanting to do this all the time. Every time you are done with one masterpiece, you can hang it up on your wall for your visitors to see and then start on another one. Soon you will never have to buy wall decorations because your wall will be covered with art you painted.

Use Clear Nail Polish On Your Cheap Jewelry

Everyone has cheap jewelry in their jewelry box. If you find yourself getting bored one day or night and have nothing better to do, take some clear nail polish and revive that cheap jewelry with it. If you have a lot of cheap rings, bracelets, and necklaces, this will take some time which will enable you to kill some of that extra time you have on your hands. After you are done with all of it, you will find that the cheap jewelry looks really nice and revived and you might even be able to wear it without it looking so cheap after all.

Do Puzzles

This can either be a crossword puzzle or a regular puzzle. Either way, it will help kill some extra time you have on your hands. If you decide to do a regular puzzle, you might find yourself actually having fun and wanting to keep doing it for a little bit every night until it is finished. Then, do another one.

Plant A Garden

If you have some room outside in your yard and the weather is right for it, why not start a garden? It doesn’t matter if it is a flower garden or a vegetable garden, you could even do both. It can actually be fun to watch things grow and know that you started it. If you don’t have room in your yard, you can start an herb garden in your kitchen. Everyone likes herbs since they do make food taste great, so starting a kitchen herb garden would be an ideal thing to do.

Start A Collection Of Anything

If you haven’t already, collecting small and cool things can be fun as long as you don’t go overboard and it ends up to hoarding. Try to collect something cool that you have an interest in. You can then go online and visit and participate in collection forums where you can meet other people who enjoy collecting cool things too.

Learn Something New Every Day

Just because you are out of high school and college doesn’t mean you have to quit learning new things. There is something new you can learn every day and add it to the knowledge you already have. Take a small course on something that interests you. Go back to school at night. The possibilities are endless when it comes to learning something new.

Rearrange Your Bookshelf

Not only can you and should you rearrange your bookshelf when you have some time to kill but you can also take the time to re-cover your books with new book covers. Use your imagination for the book covers and make it look nice and interesting. When you rearrange your bookshelf, make it interesting to look at for your visitors. You can also mix things up and change the way you arrange your books every time you do it for a new and interesting way to look at them.

Paint Your Keys With Nail Polish

Since you most likely have the same type of keys for different things, taking different color nail polish and painting your keys different colors can really spruce things up a bit. Not only this, but you will now know which key is for what for now on. This means no more having to go through 5 different keys just to get into your home every night. They will also look nice when you are done.

Paint Your Furniture

Most likely, you have chairs and a desk or two that could use a paint job. Go buy a couple of bottles of spray paint in the color of your choice and spruce them up a little bit. Your furniture will look as good as new when you are done and you will be very happy.

Start Getting Into Origami

Once you decide to get into this and learn the basics, then you can go for something with more thought and creativity. Once you start mastering origami, you will want to be making it all the time and you will never be bored again.

Work Out Twice Per Day

If you don’t already workout, you should start doing it. Not only will it kill some time when you are bored, but you will be healthier and have more energy to get other things done during the day. All it takes is 30-minutes, twice per day to get healthier. Once your body gets used to that, step it up a little and do an hour, twice per day.

Start Making Your Own Furniture

If you are the creative type and want new furniture, why not make your own? If you have the skills and the supplies to build your own furniture, you can do so easily. You also need patience. However, you can always start out making your own and you can then start making some for friends and family. Before you know it, you have started your own furniture making business and selling the pieces you make on your own. This can really bring out your creative juices, give you something to do, and even make money for yourself.

Go For A Long Walk While Listening To Your Favorite Podcast Or Music

You can either make your own music playlist or you can find a podcast you enjoy listening to, download a lot of them and go for a long walk to listen to them all. Make it a habit to take a long walk every day either listening to a new playlist you made or a new podcast you downloaded. This not only gives you something to do every day, keeping the boredom away but you can enjoy a long walk in the process.

Star Creating Your Own Lists

If you have never been the list-making type, you really should get into doing it. Making lists of either what you need to do that day or what you want to accomplish can really help you accomplish things the way you want to and need to. Once you start making lists, you will wonder why you never started making them before.

Go People Watching In The Park

Sometimes, when you find you are bored and nothing on the computer or at home is entertaining you anymore, going for a walk in the park. Sitting down on a bench where you can see everything and just people watching can help with your boredom. You will find that this clears your mind because you will be sitting there trying to figure out what their name is and maybe even how old they are.

Start A Blog

Everyone loves to blog and if you haven’t already started one, now is as good a time as any to start one. You can blog about anything you want. Do you have pets? If so, create a blog where you are pet blogging and talking about how your day went. This will really make your day end up a lot less boring.

Go Dumpster Diving

What? You haven’t gone dumpster diving before? You can actually find some really nice stuff that people throw out because they bought a newer version or because they just didn’t want it anymore. If you are worried about getting dirty, put overalls on or wear a gabage bag over your clothes and you will be fine. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.