20 Things All ’00s Girls Did In The Summer Time

For ’00s girls, it didn’t come much better than the summer. Long days which turned into even longer nights, the possibilities really seemed endless and with the closing of school for the holidays, ’00s girls everywhere were free to do exactly what they liked. In reality, we don’t even know why the ’00s ended and this summer, we’re mourning the loss of our favorite noughties products. This one’s for you, ’00s girls, and the hazy summers of the mid 2000s.

Pairing Uggs With Everything

Your parents’ warnings that your feet would get too hot meant nothing to you; Uggs went with every outfit you had and if you were going out anywhere, you wouldn’t dream of wearing anything else.

Reading Jacqueline Wilson Books

All of your advice was sourced from Jacqueline Wilson books. You knew all about the problems of each character and the Girls In Love series was scarily close to your own life.

Begging Your Parents For Hair Braids

Going on holiday with your family meant one thing and one thing only: Hair braids. If your parents didn’t let you get one, you would try and plait your own when you got home, leaving your head a giant, tangled mess.

Smothering Your Skin In Piz Buin

Everyone knew that getting “summer ready” was all about the tan and if your limbs weren’t bronzed and buffed before the beach season, you might as well have forgotten about a social life. Not having a tan was social suicide.