20 Things All ’00s Girls Did In The Summer Time

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For ’00s girls, it didn’t come much better than the summer. Long days which turned into even longer nights, the possibilities really seemed endless and with the closing of school for the holidays, ’00s girls everywhere were free to do exactly what they liked. In reality, we don’t even know why the ’00s ended and this summer, we’re mourning the loss of our favorite noughties products. This one’s for you, ’00s girls, and the hazy summers of the mid 2000s.

Pairing Uggs With Everything

Your parents’ warnings that your feet would get too hot meant nothing to you; Uggs went with every outfit you had and if you were going out anywhere, you wouldn’t dream of wearing anything else.

Reading Jacqueline Wilson Books

All of your advice was sourced from Jacqueline Wilson books. You knew all about the problems of each character and the Girls In Love series was scarily close to your own life.

Begging Your Parents For Hair Braids

Going on holiday with your family meant one thing and one thing only: Hair braids. If your parents didn’t let you get one, you would try and plait your own when you got home, leaving your head a giant, tangled mess.

Smothering Your Skin In Piz Buin

Everyone knew that getting “summer ready” was all about the tan and if your limbs weren’t bronzed and buffed before the beach season, you might as well have forgotten about a social life. Not having a tan was social suicide.

Dancing To Nelly And Kelis

No music since has matched up to the sweet beats of the ’00s summer hits. You spent your evenings in your friends’ gardens, singing Milkshake without really understanding the lyrics which, let’s face it, was a good thing.

Capturing Your Memories With Polaroids

If you were one of the lucky ones, your parents let you have a polaroid camera. No outing was complete until you had taken a roll of polaroid pictures and stuck them on your bedroom wall with industrial strength glue for everyone to see.

Highlighting Your Hair With Lemon Juice

Unless your parents were really cool, you had to take your hair styling into your own hands. You doused your hair in lemon juice and waited for the highlights to appear but really, things just got a bit sticky and orange.

Learning The Dance To The Ketchup Song

You had no idea what the words of the song even were but you forced yourself to learn all of the dance moves to this summer smash. You silently judged people who didn’t know the dance and shut them out of your inner circle.

Getting Emotionally Involved In Reality TV

Everyone knows that reality TV has not been the same since the ’00s and back then, the start of the summer meant hours dedicated to your favorite TV shows. You got so emotionally invested in the shows that when they ended, you had to take a few days to adjust.

Drinking Sunny D By The Gallon

Long summer days meant refreshment was needed on tap and there was nothing like the cool taste of Sunny D. You kept your fridge permanently stocked up and always had the drink on hand if things got too hot.

Using Salt Spray To Get That Beach Babe Look

If you couldn’t go to the beach, you would bring the beach to you. You doused your hair with sea salt spray until it no longer moved and if you had it your way, salty hair would still be in fashion today.

Accessorizing With A Puka Necklace

Your bedside table was topped with a pile of knotted Puka necklaces which you had collected over the summer. No outfit was complete without a Puka necklace and on some days, you wore two.

Pretending You Knew How To Surf

You begged your parents for board shorts and surf clothes but when it came down to it, you only wanted to lay on the beach. You were convinced that you would be like Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush, but in reality, you couldn’t even paddle straight.

Tanning Whilst Reading Cosmo Girl

The best time of the month was when Cosmo Girl came out. You would count down the days until its release and when you finally got your hands on it, would set up camp in the garden and find out what your crush’s horoscope was.

Coating Your Lips In Juicy Tubes

In your opinion, Juicy Tubes were the only item of makeup that anyone should own and in a makeup-fuelled haze, you bought all of the flavors at once. You coated your lips in a layer so thick that even the slightest breeze would result in an entire mouth full of hair.

Buying Woven Bracelets For All Your Friends

If you didn’t buy your friends anything when you went away, you were a bad person. You scoured the campsites for the best woven bracelets around and if you were really lucky, you would get one with their names on.

Choosing Your Signature Charlie Scent

In your mind, there was nothing more sophisticated than a Charlie body spray. You spent hours sampling each flavor in the shops and once you committed to one scent, you knew that was it for life.

Declaring War With Your Super Soaker

You spent your summer afternoons soaking your friends with water guns in the garden. You knew how to work the gun a little too well and secretly thought of yourself as Lara Croft.

Drowning Yourself In DKNY Be Delicious

Once you had graduated past Charlie body sprays, you were only interested in DKNY’s Be Delicious. The smell of the perfume is still nostalgic to you and even today, you’re tempted to make a repurchase.

Giving Yourself DIY Manicures

Your parents wouldn’t let you get your nails done properly, so you decided to do it yourself. If you were really sophisticated, you only ever did French tips with a single diamante on one finger. Everyone knew that diamantes were a sign of class.