10 Embarrassing Images Caught On Google Street View

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Although Google Street View was not invented to give people a way to spy one much of the world and see what funny things might have been captured on film, that is exactly what a lot of people use it for. Rather than using the service for directions or to get to know a location better. The fact that the camera cars that take the photographs can go almost everywhere and don’t give much of a warning that they are due in an area means that they are able to get some unusual pictures that people didn’t realize would be available for the world to see.

Back Alley Prostitute

No matter who you are, it is probably not good to get caught having sex with a prostitute. Even worse though is to find yourself on camera in a back alley having a fun time.

Get Arrested

These youngsters were probably hoping that their parents would never find out that they had gotten in trouble with the law but they are now available for the world to see online.

Suburban Samurai

It’s not a common sight to see two samurai warriors fighting in the street, especially not in full costume like in this instance.

Stealing A Stop Sign

Having removed a stop sign from the road, this man is just casually walking along the street with it. It’s unknown whether the Google car suffered any accidents as a result though.

Homeless Iron Man

You would think that Iron Man wouldn’t ever have to sleep rough on a park bench, but it looks like even superheroes aren’t immune to the financial difficulties everyone else faces.


Having seen the Google car come along the road, this young man saw his opportunity to do something memorable that would be captured and uploaded to the internet. Unfortunately he didn’t come up with something very good.

Falling Over

What were the odds that this girl would fall off her skateboard at the exact moment when the Google Street View car was driving past?

Picking Your Nose

It is important that you find a private place if you ever want to pick your nose so that no one can see you doing it, although this guy probably thought he was safe in the driver’s seat of the car.

Porn Magazine

Obviously, the best place to read a pornography magazine is in the car while you are driving around town.

Car Sex

This man seems to be enjoying himself in this particular image as he is having sex and drinking a beer. It is less clear how much fun the woman is having.