20 Snipers Taking Things To The Next Level

Throughout the world, almost every single country has some form of an armed force or military that helps defend their nation. Within those armies, though, there are specialized units known as snipers. These men and women tend to be the very elite – the best of the best. They can take out a target from incredible distances through unimaginable forces, such as blistering wind, or extreme cold. Here are twenty snipers from across the world that are taking things to the next level.

William “Billy” Dixon

William Dixon is one of only eight civilians known to have received the medal of honor. During an Indian attack, Dixon defended the Adobe Walls settlement against said attack using only his legendary rifle.

Zhang Taofang

Zhang Taofang is a legendary Chinese sniper known to have fought during the Korean War. During his time in the armed forces, he was discovered to have killed 214 enemy combatants in just a single month.

Billy Sing

Billy Sing was born within Australia, the type of country where men and women already come pretty tough. During World War 1, Sing managed to acquire 150 confirmed kills against the enemy.

Craig Harrison

Craig Harrison is known for achieving the longest confirmed kill in the history of marksmanship. This British sniper managed to hit his target from over 2.5km away.