20 Shocking Coincidences That Will Blow Your Mind

There are certain events in history that are simply too difficult to explain. The simplest way to explain such occurrences is by terming it to be a coincidence. Considering how vast and complex our planet is and the number of individual minds that are functional at the same time, it is easy to believe that anything is possible. Certain moments, however, can make you question this facet, simply because the events seem highly implausible. Here is a list of 20 major coincidences that have actually happened but you will find difficult to believe:

Message In A Bottle

You would think that finding the oldest message in a bottle is an occurrence that doesn’t happen very often. In 2006, Mark Anderson found a 96-year old message in a bottle while manning a fishing boat called ‘Copius’. This was a Guinness record at the time, and a rare one as well. His friend Andrew Leaper, however, managed to break the record in 2012 when he found a 98-year old bottle while manning the same fishing boat. Two friends breaking the same unique world-record is as rare as rare can get.

Napoleon And Hitler

There are too many comparisons between these two highly controversial personalities to ignore. Hitler and Napoleon were born exactly 129 years apart. They also managed to come to power 129 years apart. Strangely enough, they also declared war on Russia 129 years apart and were also defeated 129 years apart.

Violet Jessup’s Lucky/Unlucky Streak

Violet Jessup has truly lived a remarkably unique and unpredictable life. She was the only person present during the sinking of three of the biggest and most famous ships of the past century. She is also the only person to survive the three ordeals. The nurse was present when RMS Olympic hit HMS Hawke, when RMS Titanic collided with an iceberg and when HMHS Britannica ran into a mine. Talk about a brand new type of sea sickness!

Band Of Bad Luck Brothers

In 2002, one of the most unusual road accidents took place 600 kilometers north of Helsinki. A seventy year old man was hit and killed by a truck while attempting to cross the highway. Reports later showed that a very similar accident occurred exactly two hours ago and 1.5 kilometres away, where another 70 year old man was killed by a truck while trying to cross the highway. Further investigation showed that not only were these two 70 year old men related, they were actually identical twins. That is one messy family reunion.