20 Rappers And Their Lovely Little Girls

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People get so caught up admiring celebrities for their art and their sex appeal that they rarely stop to think about the star’s family life. Just like everyone else in the world, hip-hop stars have spouses and homes and broods of children too. Lots of famous hard-rhyming rappers like to make music about gorgeous ladies, but things change for them and for their fans when they’ve got beautiful baby girls and gorgeous ladies of their own. Here are some of the rap world’s most beautiful daughters.

Blue Ivy Carter

There is nary a kid in the music industry with such a talented and hugely famous set of parents. Blue Ivy is still a little girl, but you could easily bet she’ll grow up to have her daddy’s swagger and her momma’s good looks.

Hailie Mathers

If you listen to the music of Eminem, then you are undoubtedly familiar with the name of his baby girl, Hailie – but she’s not a little girl anymore. Having just turned 19, Slim Shady’s daughter has definitely proved to be one amazing combination of genetics.

Cymphonique Miller

As she’s garnered a following of her own from her time on Nickelodeon, most people probably don’t know that Cymphonique Miller has a famous father. Her dad just happens to be the rap legend Master P.

Destiny Jones

Rapper Nas may not be as popular as he once was, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a lot of good things going on in his life. The biggest of these blessings is certainly his beautiful daughter Destiny, who has grown up to be quite the young woman.

Reginae Carter

Also known as Baby Carter, the daughter of the tattoo-covered Lil Wayne has grown up to share her father’s interests. Reginae has made plans to one day become a famous rapper in her own right.

Karma Bridges

Not too much is known about the daughter of Chris Bridges, aka Ludacris, other than the rapper/actor recently won the custody battle for her. He also has a second daughter named Cai Bella and another baby on the way with his current wife.

Bria Williams

Lots of rappers are marked with the mantle of “thug” but that doesn’t mean they are hard through and through. Rapper Birdman has been known to be a big softie when it comes to his baby girl, Bria.

Iviona Hatch

Like lots of celebrity children, Iviona Hatch, daughter of rapper Lil’ Boosie has plans to become a hip-hop star like her dad. In 2013, she released her very first single “This Can’t Be Happening“.

Toie Roberts

Plenty of dads love to spoil their daughters, and rapper Rick Ross is no exception. For his precious Toie’s 13th birthday, he threw a Chanel inspired Parisian-style soiree complete with celebrity guests and expensive swag.

De’jan Nicole, Cypress Soleil Lee, Story Asaundra, and Dream Sarae Lumpkin

Rapper Tonya Lumpkin aka Solé has two daughters from her first marriage, De’jan and Cypress. After she married fellow rapper/singer Ginuwine she had two more girls, Story and Dream.

Omoye Assata Lynn

Common may be a newly minted Oscar winner, but that isn’t his only great accomplishment in life. If you want to see how amazing his life is, just look at his lovely teenage girl Omoye.

India and Siaana Lane

When it comes to attitude and style, rapper Tiffany Lane, aka Charli Baltimore, isn’t the only one in the family who happens to be gifted. Her teenage daughters India and Siaana definitely give their mother a run for her money when it comes to being fabulous.

Willow Smith

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith are mega super stars and their son Jaden is becoming quite the famous rapper/actor himself. And even with all that fame and power packed into one household, daughter Willow has still found a niche for herself, working on her rapping/singing career.

Deyjah Harris

Rapper T.I. has an infamous temper but what people usually see is nothing compared to how defensive he gets of his children. When a man unwisely made uncouth comments about Deyjah on Twitter, T.I. laid into the attacker, to put it mildly.

Heaven Epps

Tauheed Epps, aka 2 Chainz, may be a big deal, but to daughter Heaven she is still just “Daddy”. She may still be very young but he has been known to take her anywhere including important awards shows.

Angelina Jean

Wyclef Jean’s daughter Angelina may be adopted, but she is clearly his little girl. Growing up so fast, she now appears with her father at concerts and music festivals.

Madison Taylor

There has been a lot of recent speculation about whether or not Madison is the real daughter of Joycean “The Game” Taylor. Whether she is or isn’t the rapper’s biological daughter, the girl is a real cutie pie.

D’Lila Star, Jessie James, and Chance Combs

Sean “Diddy” Combs has a whole heap of kiddies at home – six in total. Three of those children are adorable little girls Chance and twins D’Lila and Jessie.

Italia and Samaria Smith

LL Cool J is famous for not only being a rap star, but being a highly successful actor as well. The one thing he isn’t that well known for, but should be, is for creating two daughters who are as beautiful as he is talented.

North West

Even if you don’t know what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are famous for, you’ve probably learned through osmosis about their precious little girl. Most people have low opinions about the kind of people her parents are, but there’s no denying how adorable little North is.