20 Problems Only Tall Girls Will Understand

For many girls, being as tall as a model is something to dream about. Images of sashaying the runways and flashing endless pins come to mind and for most, there could be nothing better than to be a tall girl. The reality, however, is a little different. Forever on the lookout for someone taller than you, tall girls have a tough time. If you’re above average height and are fed up of the stress that comes with it, this one’s for you. For everyone else, behold the everyday struggles of the ever-tall.

Being Reminded About How Tall You Are

As if you weren’t aware of your height, every new person that you meet seems to feel entitled to remind you about it. You want to tell them that you are very aware of your towering stature but instead you nod and smile.

Having To Bend Down In Pictures

Being a tall girl is a very lonely thing indeed and it’s more than likely that you are far taller than any of your other friends. Taking a group picture is a little painful and every time a camera is brought out, you have to bend down awkwardly to fit in with your friends.

Always Having To Stand At The Back

Photos of large groups are always terrible experiences for you. You’re too tall to stand in front of anyone else and each time, are left at the back to make things look even.

Being Asked How Tall You Are

Whenever you go somewhere new, you get asked by at least one person what exactly your height is. You’re asked so frequently that a few times, you’ve considered wearing a t shirt with your essential measurements on it, just to shut everyone up.

People Assuming You Play Basketball

If people don’t ask about your basketball days, they inquire about your modeling career. In their eyes, you are good for nothing else and if you haven’t followed either path, they genuinely can’t imagine what you would do with your life.

Being Asked About The Weather

If someone paid you each time they asked about the weather “up there”, you would probably have enough cash to buy a house. The fact that people think that they’re the first person to crack the joke makes you feel really depressed and each time it rears its ugly head, a little part of you dies.

Trying To Get A Pair Of Jeans To Fit

You’re a normal size everywhere else, but getting any jeans to fit the length of your legs is basically impossible. You have searched high and low but even in the tall section, things aren’t long enough.

Finding A Dress That Isn’t A Shirt

You love wearing dresses and dressing up but for some reason, every item of clothing you try on barely covers your midriff. On the rare chance that you do decide to throw caution to the wind, you have to team your outfits with leggings, which is not ideal on a summer’s day.

Trying To Check Your Reflection

In your bedroom, your mirror is at the perfect level you need in order to check your reflection without crouching down awkwardly. Everywhere else, however, it’s a little more different and after years of bending down, you’ve learned to get ready without the use of a mirror; it’s just easier.

Attending Music Concerts

While music concerts are great news for you, you’re constantly aware that everyone around you is not having so much fun. Wherever you stand, you cut off someone’s view and after a few hours of angry pokes in the back, you’re ready to give up on socializing.

Trying To Wear Heels

You love nothing more than dressing up to go out but on the rare occasion that you choose to wear heels, you face the ridicule of everyone around you. Unless you’re okay with the fact that you will literally be 7 feet tall in heels, you’re resigned to a future of flats.

Fitting In Airplane Seats

Going anywhere on holiday requires a lot of pain on your part and working yourself up to the inevitable cramped airplane takes a lot of effort. Unless you have the money to sit in First Class, you have to squeeze into economy, somehow stuffing your legs under the seat in front.

Trying To Stretch Out In The Tub

For everyone else, there’s nothing better than relaxing in a tub after a long, hard day. For you, however, it’s a little more difficult and the trial of fitting into the tub is enough to send your stress levels through the roof.

Walking Into Low Door Frames

All of the buildings you go into seem to have been built by hobbits. Low door frames are a very real hazard and crashing your head into the wall is a pretty regular occurrence in your household.

Dating Someone Shorter Than You

Trying to find someone who is at least the same height as you is basically impossible. On the very rare occasion that you manage to land someone tall, you consider proposing marriage, just so you don’t have to face future ridicule.

Being Asked To Reach For Things

You’re so tall that things on the top shelf are perfectly within reach. If you go shopping with your friends, you’re used to being at their every demand, reaching for things that are too far away for their average arms to grasp.

Having To Wear Layers

Even on the hottest day of the year, you are forced to wear multiple layers in order to cover your tall frame. T shirts just don’t cut it in your books and unless you’re layered up, you risk showing the whole world everything you have.

Constantly Running Into Lamps

In your opinion, there should be a law passed requiring all lamps in public places to be hung from a reasonable height. Low swinging lamps are a serious hazard in your everyday life and barely a day goes by in which you do not crack your head.

Trying To Use Hotel Showers

Hotels never get their proportions right. Showers never seem to be tall enough for you to fit under and despite adjustable heads, you are constantly faced with the inability to even wash your hair.

Trying To Hug Your Friends

You’re a warm and cuddly person and naturally, enjoy hugging your friends when you see them. The reality of the situation is somewhat different, however, and with your collective heights differing so hugely, you always end hugging thin air.