10 Awesome Animals Who Broke Records

Animals are so fascinating that sometimes humans just can not wrap their mind around them. There are animals that are exceptionally fast, or can live for a really long time, or can do unbelievable tricks. Far too often, people do not hear about these animals because it’s hard to capture the fullness of their splendor. This list, however, contains ten different animals who have done unbelievable things and actually broken world records, which is really cool.

Wooliest Sheep

There is in fact a record for wooliest sheep, and the record-holder is currently an Australian sheep named Chris. Chris had over 88 pounds of excess wool removed from him in 2015, which is estimated to be about 5 years worth of wool.

Most Tennis Balls In A Dog’s Mouth

Augie, a golden retriever from Dallas, Texas, broke this record in 2003 when she held five regulation size tennis balls in her mouth all at once.