20 Of The Hottest Female Pop Stars Right Now

It is 2015 and it looks like the girls are running the world, as we have more and more female pop stars taking over the billboard charts. With hit after hit, they are definitely not complaining and we aren’t either. The female pop stars are taking over, but they are doing it with some hotness involved. There are some sexy pop stars out there and we compiled a list of the 20 hottest female pop stars making a name for themselves right now!


The first spot has to go to Beyonce, who can do no wrong. She has amazing vocals, but she is also rocking a great body and awesome dance moves to go with it. She is the full package!


Look at those abs! P!nk puts on an amazing show during her concerts while doing all those aerial tricks, which gives her the body she has. She seems like the nicest person too, which makes her even hotter.