20 Of The Funniest, Weirdest & Shocking “As Seen On TV” Items

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We’ve all seen them — those really strange, shocking and definitely funny products advertised on TV that have huge claims, but don’t often deliver, or at least seem too good to be true. Then we receive catalogs in the mail from companies like ‘Walter Drake’ or ‘Harriet Carter’ that feature these “As Seen On TV” items. We end up raising our eyebrows in interest, or roll our eyes because the products sound so dumb or funny. And sometimes just the names end up inspiring a hearty guffaw.


No, this has nothing to do with your actual dog curling up and going to sleep. It’s all about hot dogs, and how to make a spiral cut into them so they’ll not only cook evenly, inside and out, but also hold toppings better. So the item sounds pretty utilitarian, but the name is what will get you to laughing. Can you imagine saying, “Honey, go get the Curl-a-Dog out of the (insert storage area here)?”

The Waving Flag

This item plays two patriotic songs and is supposed to wave like a regular flag. What’s funny or weird about this item is that you can easily get a decent-sized cloth flag that you can hang outside for just as much money. Plus, the whole point of flying a flag is so everyone can see it, not just the people that come into your house.

Liberty Lantern

This is an old-timey-looking lantern that is actually solar powered. But here’s what’s funny about this: there are quite a few old-timey-looking lanterns out there that don’t need the name “Liberty Lantern” to sell it. As far as names go, this runs along the lines of “Freedom Fries.”

Bacon Bowls

Just wrap bacon around the bowls that come in the kit, put in the oven to cook, and you’re supposed to have perfectly formed bacon bowls. What’s funny is the idea of spending money on something like this when you can use an upside down muffin tin. Also, the push is on in this country to be more physically fit, so how is this product going to help that, even with the suggestion of turkey bacon?

Shake and Take

The product itself is just another single-serve blender. But put that out of your head – it’s the name that’s funny. If someone didn’t know what this was, they’d be thinking, “just what am I shaking and taking, here?”

Moo Mixer

Not only is the name hilarious, it conjures up notions of fighting, or mingling at a party with cows — but so is the idea that mixing chocolate milk is so difficult that they had to develop a mechanical mug to “perfectly mix your chocolate milk.” And come on, can you just imagine the conversation: “Mom, have you seen my Moo Mixer?”

Hydro Mousse

The basic idea is to mix up the grass seed mixture with the water, put it in the sprayer contraption, spray the area you want to reseed, and the liquid will “puff up” like hair mousse. At least according to the ad. Product reviews suggest otherwise, and you really have to wonder at the chuckleworthy name, as well.

Wax Vac

The ads are everywhere for this thing. Yes, it vacuums out ear wax, but you still have to clean the machine when it gets clogged. So what’s funny about this is not just the name, but at the lack of logic the creators of this product have. And just what did they use before they even invented this contraption?

Neck Magic Air Cushion

If you have a stiff neck and shoulders, let “Neck Magic” take the pain away. Well, that is if you want a big blue cervical-collar-like contraption around your neck that limits your mobility further than just painful muscles. Why not ask for a massage from a loved one instead?

Wonder Wax

Honestly, this hair removal kit name sounds like something that was advertised in the 1950’s. Plus, they try to make the fact that they use beeswax a good thing by claiming it’s less painful than other waxing kits. Just who are they trying to kid, anyway?

Sauna Pants

The principle behind this is: wear them and you will lose weight. Truth is, whatever happened to actually going to a sauna?

Head Wedgie

One of the truly funny names out there. I dare you to say it: “Hey, here’s a head wedgie to help you nap.” Sure, it keeps people from “flopping over,” in their sleeps on car rides, but the name is just silly!

Brazil Butt Lift

The extraordinary and laughable claim that this female-oriented product, like so many others before it, can tone and firm your rear, is truly funny to read or listen to, because no matter what exercise you do, there is no such thing as “spot reduction.”

Hot Stamps

This is a hair-decoration project for tweens and teens, but if you take away the fact that it’s for kids, you really open up the name to wild interpretation. Like “the Head Wedgie,” they didn’t exactly think through the name.

Dancing Water Speakers

Just plug in the speakers to your computer or whatever device you have, pop in a CD or play internet radio, and the sights and sounds will thrill you, and you will be able to get lots of work done, said no procrastinator ever.

Magic Pens

These have been around a while, so they may not seem so weird, funny or shocking, but what may be truly shocking, or at least eye-rolling, is the expectation that actual artistic talent, something that this product seems to make null and void, is something that is included with all art tools.

Juggle Bubbles

This product involves a substance that turns into bubbles that don’t pop, and the ad shows kids playing with these so-called bubbles—with gloves on. Why you have to wear gloves to play with this stuff is definitely a head stretcher. Why not just play with regular bubbles? And again, just the name itself is hilarious-sounding.

Teddy Tank

I know what you’re thinking: “A stuffed animal with a fish bowl for a belly. Really?” Yes, really. It’s cute, funny and bizarre at the same time, just how a lot of toys are made – with cute, funny and/or bizarre in mind.

Garcinia Cambogia Patch

It’s hilarious how people are somehow expecting to just let things like patches do all the work of fat reduction without working out. That’s not only a tall order, that’s laughable. Why not just eat healthy food and exercise?

Fanny Bank

Drum roll please. This probably was the funniest thing that AsSeenOnTV had on their website. Just pop in a coin and the machine will make a farting noise.