20 Of The Funniest Ideas For Your Bucket List

We’re all getting a little older every single day, which is something none of us can actually stop. Fortunately for us, there are things we can do to help feel just a little bit younger. A Bucket List, for anyone who may not know, is a list of things you’d like to accomplish before passing on. But no one said it had to be serious stuff. Instead, fill your personal Bucket List with hilarious ideas and live life a little. Some people may get offended, some may be grossed out, but you’re having the time of your life, right?

Texting Antics

Find yourself a random number, any one will do. Simply insert it into your phone, then type “I hid the body” or “briefcase in the designation located” to ensure someone has a bit of a laugh. Or they’ll just be scared all day.

Trick r’ Listen To Me

Next Halloween, instead of going for that stylish costume of your favorite science-fiction character, why not dress up as a Jehovah’s Witness and then go door-to-door in an attempt to either get candy or spread the good word.

Mr. Money Bags

For this one you’re probably going need to need a lot more money than you’ve ever seen in your life. Local concert? Buy the entire thing, then wait for the band to come out and see you sitting there in the front row, alone.

A Little Wordplay

Whenever you’re speaking to someone, whether it be a friend or a complete stranger, finish your sentence by saying “in accordance with the prophecy.” You’re sure to get a chuckle or an odd look.