20 Of The Craziest Bacon Inspired Items

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Yes, it’s true, the world loves bacon – and by ‘love’ we mean totally obsessed. There’s just something about those sizzling strips that just seem to drive people crazy. So crazy in fact that people have taken their love of bacon to a whole new level; no seriously it has gotten quite crazy – to say the least. From bacon inspired condoms, vodka,toothpaste and even different types of clothing, it’s fair to say that bacon lovers definitely have their choice of items. Here are 20 of the craziest bacon inspired items.

Bacon Condom

We could be wrong, but we highly doubt that women find this sexy. Unless of course they love bacon too.

Bacon Tape

You’ve heard of duct tape, well now you can opt for bacon tape. It looks pretty scrumptious but we wouldn’t suggest eating it.

Bacon Toothpaste

Maybe minty fresh breath is not your thing, don’t worry, now you can have bacon-breath thanks to this bacon flavored toothpaste.

Bacon Soda

I kid you not; someone actually invented soda that tastes like bacon.

Bacon Lip Balm

The company’s slogan explains it all: “everything should taste like bacon.”

Bacon Vodka

Do you like your vodka with a little bacon in it? Well voila, bacon flavored vodka.

Bacon Suitcase

Not quite sure what type of job would require a bacon suitcase, but here it is anyway!

Bacon Lube

Because there’s nothing sexier than getting all lubed up with the scent of bacon before you make love!

Bacon Earrings

When fashion and bacon collide!

Squeez Bacon

You can squeeze ketchup and mustard from a bottle, so why not bacon, right?

Bacon Roses

Roses are red, but bacon is tasty.

Bacon Belt

Power to the man who’s brave enough to wear a bacon belt in public.

Bacon Soap

There’s nothing like scrubbing dirt off your body with bacon flavored soap; no really — there’s nothing like it!

Bacon USB

The office may be boring, but your bacon inspired USB certainly isn’t.

Bacon Baby Formula

Who knew that babies loved bacon as much as the rest of the world? We sure didn’t!

Bacon Bandages

Got a cut that needs to heal? Why not cover it up with a handy bacon-inspired bandage.

Bacon Shirt

If you really want to show the world just how much you love bacon, then nothing – and we mean nothing – says it better than this shirt!

Bacon Scarves

No! those are not strips of tasty bacon, those are silk scarves made to look like strips of tasty bacon.

Bacon Shoes

We suggest that you don’t wear these near any animals.

Bacon Coffin

And when that day comes, they will say you were a bacon lover till the very end.