10 Of The Loneliest Places On The Planet

Many people enjoy isolation, and many people hate it. It would seem that since Earth is currently undergoing a massive population growth spurt, it would be hard to find anywhere that is remote, or lonely. However, it is actually very surprising how many remote destinations there are on this planet that are great to escape to. These places are stunningly beautiful, and as this list will display, they are all across the planet and not just secluded to one climate or geographical destination.

Easter Island

This island, famous for the army of rock faces, called moai, that line its beaches, is inhabited by less than 4,000 people.


This town in Greenland is home to only 500 people, even though the town itself has the same land size as England! It is difficult to travel anywhere to or from this island, because the surrounding seas are almost always frozen and flights in and out are rare.