20 Of The Craziest And Most Expensive Products On Etsy

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We live in a weird world and clearly the craziest people seem to have a little too much time on their hands. When people get bored they turn to the internet, how else would you explain the variety of questionable things that can be bought and sold online. There are many websites that specialize in selling wacky and outrageous items, whether is a over sized penis sculpture, a fork with googly eyes or even a magic wand, whatever it may be, trust us you can find it online. Let’s look at 20 crazy and expensive products you can buy on Etsy.

Dalmatian Suit – $1,925

Don’t ask why someone would want to wear a latex Dalmatian suit, but if you are that someone it’s available on Etsy.

Real Crocodile Rug – $3,900

Most people prefer to feel something soft beneath there feet, but if you’d rather something a tad more rough, then this real crocodile rug is ideal.

Dog Dress – $6000

If your dog has a special occasion, now you can buy the perfect dress for her, and it will only cost you $6000. Chump change, right?

Huge Penis Sculpture – $9,999

How exactly do you explain a humongous penis sculpture to your guests?

Knit Motorcycle Cover – $12,995

If you’re brave enough to own a pink motorcycle cover that looks like this , then God be with you, you crazy person.

Lucite Box With Receipts – $18,871

According to the description, the receipts contained in the box is equivalent to the price it is being sold for.

Two Rocks – $20,000

Although it’s being advertised as a ‘sculpture’ on the website; it’s obvious that this is just two rocks wrapped with yarn. But hey, art is objective right?

Stiletto Sculpture – $24,000

Who wouldn’t want a gigantic sculpture of a stiletto in their home? Then again, who would?

Fork With Googly Eyes – $34,876

If for whatever strange reason you need a fork with googly eyes you have two options:

1. Spend 5 bucks at the craft shop and make it yourself.

2. Buy it on Etsy for $34,876

Decisions, decisions!

Artwork on Cardboard – $37,411

Nope, you’re eyes are not deceiving you; this is actually a colander stuck to a piece of cardboard, but hey it’s art!

Magic Wand – $45,000

You’ll be happy to know that this magic wand has ‘authentic magic powers,’ so you can make your purchase without having to worry about trickery!

Flappy Bird Tribute – $70,000

If you’re a fan of the Flappy Bird game then you might want to buy this tribute art-piece made by a company called ‘Objects For Rich’ and the cost is 70,000 dollars.

Flower Photo – $100,000

Do you need a flower photo but you just can’t find a camera to take it? Well someone just made things a little but easier for you. For the ‘reasonable’ price of 100,000 dollars you can purchase this flower photo from Etsy.

Crock Of Shit – $100,000

Yes you’re reading this right, Etsy is selling a painting which features a ‘Crock of Shit’ and trust us, it doesn’t come cheap.

Fairy Treehouse – $100,000

Do you have faires and you need a safe place for them to live? Well you’re in luck thanks to Etsy!

Grimace’s Autograph – $100,000

If you’re a fan of the purple character featured in the McDonald’s commercials, you can now have his autograph for a mere $100,000.

Interdimensional German Doll – $200,000

This creepy looking doll looks like it belongs at a flea market or something; but it’s actually selling on Etsy for 200,000 dollars. Oh and according to the description; “it’s penis is red and it also smells of fun.” Yuck!

Scissor Sculpture – $220,000

This dangerous looking sculpture must have been inspired by Edward Scissor-hands, except it has a more dramatic name, Scissaurus Octavius!

Hairball – $250,000

This hairball by artist G9 is made with lots and lots of combs and equal amounts of synthetic hair.

Teapunk Snail – $268,364

I have absolutely no idea what a tea-punk snail is suppose to do, but apparently it grants you’re every wish; why else would it be selling for over two hundred thousand dollars?