10 Bizarre Cosmetic And Personal Hygiene Products

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If the elixir of life was ever mass produced, you can be sure that every person in the world would be standing in line to get their hands on that miraculous product. Beauty products can be seen as a minor versions of this elixir of life, promising to maintain a version of you that you are desperate to hold on to. People do strange things to ensure that they delay the inevitable aging process, including participating in medical procedures such as Botox. There are several cosmetic products out there that use strange ingredients in an effort to keep you looking timeless. Here is a list of 10 strange cosmetic products you can actually buy.

Bull Semen Hair Treatment

This bizarre treatment was started in a salon in UK and involves using Bull sperm to strengthen your hair. The mixture of bull semen and a plant root called katera is used to condition and nourish your hair. It has been appropriately nicknamed the ‘viagra for the hair’ and costs 100 dollars.

Nipple Lightening Cream

Are you unhappy with the shade of your nipple? That is a strange thing to be conscious about but if you want to do something about it, you can purchase the ‘Finale pink nipple’ cream that promises to lighten the shade on your nipple. The cream removes dead skin cells on your nipple and is supposed to guarantee pinker skin in 4 weeks.

Feces Odor Tablets

There is a pill out there that actually promises to remove the smell from your feces and make excreting an odor-free experience. The Japanese are behind this popular product that managed to sell 600,000 bottles in six months.

Twilight Make-up

Du Wop, a popular cosmetic brand, decided to take advantage of the Twilight-mania by creating a product line that is inspired from the popular book and movie series. The Lip Venom V is the first product launched under this line.

Sunblock For Nails

Some people just can’t step out of their home without putting on some sun block first. If you want to take things to the next level, you can now pick up some sunblock that you can apply specifically to your nails. Qnc Labs have created this product and is meant for people extremely paranoid about UV light.

Cheetos Lip Balm

Beauty products underwent a drastic change when consumers were given the option of choosing their own flavors. The Cheetos Lip Balm is for anyone who loves their junk food and also wants to protect their lips.

Bird Poop Facial

Did you know that bird poop contains a special enzyme that is used in make-up products? Guanine is found in nightingale droppings and was first used as a Japanese cleanser by geishas and kabuki dancers. Spa’s in New York now use this ingredient in a special facial that costs over 200 dollars.

Gorilla Snot Hair Gel

Did you know that Gorilla snot is used in the US to help guitarists hold on to their picks? The same ingredient is used in a hair gel in Mexico in a products known as ‘Moco De Gorila’.

Public Hair Coloring

The world is full of polar opposites. There are people who don’t like to even acknowledge the presence of their pubic hairs, while others buy beauty products to color it. Betty Beauty is one of the special hair coloring products out there that is designed specifically for your pubic hair.

Bikini Design Kit

‘Naughty Nads Bikini Design Kit’ is a strange little product that provides people with templates that allow them to shape their public hair. You can apply the hot wax in the area around the template in order to create some fun shapes such as a heart or a lightening bolt. You can purchase the kit on Amazon for under nine dollars.