20 Mysteries Hidden in Our Deepest Oceans


NOAA picked up a blooping sound deep underwater that shouldn’t have been too unique, but it was captured at monitoring stations over 3,100 miles apart at the same time. NOAA thought this was simply ice breaking off from a glacier, but some scientists believe it to be the manifestation of a massive aquatic creature that has yet to be discovered.

Disappearing Submarines

In 1968, submarines from four different countries went missing: Russia, Israel, France, and the United States. Some believe these losses have been covered up by the respective governments, and some believe the nuclear-tipped torpedoes within their confines misfired. Some people also believe there is something deep in the ocean ripping these metal beasts apart.

Aerial Disappearance

One of the most famous disappearances of airplanes was of Amelia Earhart, who went missing over the Pacific Ocean in 1937. Millions of dollars have been spent to locate the plane, but nothing has been discovered. Rumor has it she was killed by Japanese troops for spying after running out of gas, but nothing official has come forward as of yet.

Undersea Bacteria

At one time, scientists thought that nothing could live under the sea floor, let alone at such incredible depths. Well, they were wrong, as bacteria was found to be living 1,000 feet underneath the sea floor. By drilling through sediment and crust, it was discovered that this bacteria was feeding off residue left behind for millions of years.