20 Movies So Bad They’re Good

There are some movies which are undeniably great. Somewhere down the line, it was universally accepted that these films are the best of the best and anyone who believes otherwise is believed to be misinformed and frankly, wrong. There are others, however, which are a little different. Whether it be due a bad script, bad acting or bad editing, some films just can’t seem to catch a break and no matter how many people see them, they are dubbed the worst movies ever.

Until now. Some films are so bad that they manage to do a complete 180 and build a huge following of dedicated fans. The movies you’re about to see didn’t make it big the first time, but over the years have gained fans around the world, fighting their corner. These films won’t teach you anything new but they sure are addictive.

Grease 2

Riding in the wake of the hugely successful Grease, Grease 2 wasn’t met with quite the same level of enthusiasm on its release. Slowly, though, it has become a cult classic and if you aren’t dancing along to the songs and wishing you were Michelle Pfeiffer at the end, something is wrong.


WIth Tom Cruise wearing Hawaiian shirts, cocktails sloshing all over the place, a couple of bad perms, there’s a lot to hate about this film. Cocktail is based on a very loose romantic plot and despite being a bit all over the place, will make you feel utterly uplifted and let’s face it, craving a pina colada.


A bad drama about a Vegas stripper who finds her way to fame against the odds, Showgirls has gained nothing but infamy over the years. Look a little closer, though and you might be surprised. Many critics have claimed the film is a deliberate satire and if you’re willing to put in the legwork, you might find that there is more to the film than meets the eye.

Howard the Duck

Give a film an intelligent duck, an army of evil spirits and a crazy doctor and you’re in for a bumpy ride. Comic book remake Howard the Duck was unsurprisingly met with derision on its initial release but over the years, viewers have found a lot to laugh about. If you can’t find humor in the wacky plot line, you need to watch it again and again until you do.