20 Most Popular Theme Parks In The World

Have you ever wondered which theme parks are the best in the world? Patrons can find theme parks almost everywhere they go, but which is truly the best? We now have the answer. Based on calculations of total visits last year, we now have a list of the most popular theme parks in the world. Each featuring dozens of rides and attractions that bring in millions of visitors per year, here are the world’s Top 20 Most Popular Theme Parks in the World.

20. Europa Park

Europa Park comes in at number 20 on our list, and happens to be the largest theme park in Germany. It is also the second most popular theme park in Europe behind Disneyland Paris. Boasting 12 roller coasters and around 5 million visitors per years, it’s clear that Europa Park earns a spot on this list.

19. Sea World

At over 200 acres in size and located in Florida, this aquatic-life themed amusement park comes in at number 19 on our list. Home of numerous themes and attractions, most of which feature live animals as part of the performance, Sea World attracts over 5 million visitors per year.

18. Nagashima Spa Land

Home of the Steel Dragon Rollercoaster, Nagashima Spa Land comes in at number 18 on our list. It also features a giant roller coaster, waterpark, and over 40 other rides and attractions.

17. Universal Studios Hollywood

Originally created by the studio in the 1960’s to offer tours of actual film shoots to those willing to pay the price of admission, Universal Studios Hollywood comes in the number 17 spot on our list of most popular theme parks. Not only is it located in tinsel town, Universal Studios boasts 7 rides at present, with two more on the way.