20 Most Outrageous Purchases Around The World

When You Have Money To Burn

It may not be Beyonce’s most expensive purchase (she did spend $40 million on a custom jet for her husband’s birthday), but it certainly qualifies for the most outrageous. In 2007, Beyonce wore custom made Balenciaga leggings that were covered in gold. These cost her $100,000. Yes, leggings.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather should have his own list. He has a $7.3 million dollar car collection that includes three $2 million Bugattis. Most impressive though, is his $100,000+ collection of Louboutins (which isn’t that many considering their price tag).

It’s Only A Penny

A penny is worth a million dollars! A very wealthy coin collector recently purchased a rare 1793 penny for a little over $1,000,000. It is believed to be one of the first pennies produced at the US mint in Philidelphia.

Spoiled Four-Legged Ones

Remember when half of Hollywood owned a burger-sized pooch to tote around in their designer carrier bags? Well Paris Hilton went a step beyond for her little guy. She bought a custom doghouse for her little one, complete with a minature black chandlier, heating, air conditioning and designer furniture. It only set the heiress back $325,000.