20 Marvelous Scandinavian Vacation Destinations

Scandinavia includes the countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland’s Golden Circle. Your vacation in Scandinavia can be as relaxing or as adventurous as you choose. Visits to majestic cathedrals, quaint villages, and a respite in nature are choices that you will want to add to your itinerary. From a week long adventure with a dog sledding team or a reindeer safari to lounging on a beach or strolling at a palace, your amazing Scandinavian vacation awaits!

An Architectural Masterpiece: Norway’s Nidaros Cathedral

The Nidaros Cathedral was established by Christian missionaries long ago. Legend has it that King Olav’s body is buried beneath a prior chapel built on this spot. It became a cathedral in 1152. Construction on this cathedral began after the first archbishop arrived on the scene. Expansion and construction continued off and on for years and it has become Norway’s largest cathedral complete with towers.

Sweden’s Treasure: Abisko National Park

If you are a nature enthusiast who enjoys a good hike, Abisko National Park is one destination in Sweden that you won’t want to miss. It is a hiker’s paradise! Photographers will want to capture all of the spectacular views, and it has many panoramic views.