10 Of The Last Things In The World

As we move forward, we are bound to leave certain things behind. Most of the time, this change is positive, but sometimes it can be negative as well, it depends on who’s perspective you are viewing the world. Our planet has probably changed more over the last half century than it has ever changed during the entire existence of humanity. This list tries to examine that change by looking at some of the things we will never see again.

Last Giant Gold Nugget

Remember all the stories of people getting excited about the gold rush? This is because you used to actually find large nuggets of gold at one point. This has died down largely because of commercial gold mining. The last giant chunk of gold was found in the Sierra Nevadas and it weighed over 9 pounds.

Last Guillotine Execution

Most people reading this article must have completely forgotten the fact that we used to actually execute people using a guillotine at one point in history. That dreadful tradition came to an end with Hamida Djandoubi who was the last person to be ever executed in such a horrendous manner.