20 Household Cleaning Tips And Tricks

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Everyone would like some help cleaning their house every day, and knowing a few tips can really help you get things done. From vinegar to baking soda, these products can work miracles for a cleaner home. You want to ensure your home is as clean as possible every day. From keeping allergens out of your home to making your home smell great and look great all the time the easy way and all-natural way. These awesome tips and tricks will help you get things done easier and faster while keeping your home clean all the time.

Easily Get Rid Of Germs On Your Sponges

Most people uses sponges to clean their kitchen with. Not only are they inexpensive, but as long as you buy the ones with the hard, scratchy part on one side of them, you can easily clean your pots and pans with them too. However, they do accumulate a lot of germs since you are washing your dishes and wiping down counter-tops with them.

There is a quick fix for cleaning sponges and it includes your microwave. Just pop your filthy sponge in the microwave and turn it on for two minutes. In those two short minutes, the heat will kill the bacteria on the sponge and will make them clean again. You can also put them in the dishwasher with some dishwashing detergent the next time you wash dishes and this will clean them too.

Clean Gunk Off Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are one thing most of us tend to neglect. However, there are just two things you need to clean the gunk off them with. These two ingredients you probably already have in those kitchen cabinets you need to clean gunk off of. They are vegetable oil and baking soda and once mixed together, one part vegetable oil with two parts baking soda, you can really make your kitchen cabinets look brand new again. So, instead of replacing those kitchen cabinets, try cleaning them first. You will be surprised to see how clean they come.

Cleaning Toys In The Washing Machine

Have you ever seen how gross kid’s toys get? Why not shine them back up with a quick wash in the washing machine? All you need is a laundry bag and just throw them in the washing machine to make them clean again. Doing this every once in a while will keep them clean too. You can also put them in the dishwasher.

Clean Your Ceiling Fan Blades With A Pillowcase

everyone should have pillowcases lying around in a closet somewhere. If you do have an extra one, place it over the blades of your ceiling fan to clean them from inside the pillowcase. Doing it this way means no more dust in your face or dust getting around your house.

Remove Labels Quickly

Have you ever been frustrated with labels on the products you buy because they don’t want to come off easily? Now, you can easily remove them by soaking them in some Oxi-Clean. All you need is one scoop of Oxi-Clean added into some warm water. Dump the labels in, walk away and do whatever you need to do while waiting for at least 30 minutes and when you come back, the labels will be off. Oxi-Clean is cheap and easy to find so no more scrubbing to get those labels off.

Removing Pet Hair From Carpet And Furniture

You can easily remove pet hair from the carpet if you have a squeegee. A squeegee is no longer just for window cleaning. Just wipe pet hair away from your carpets and rugs. Now if you need to remove it from your furniture, you can easily do so by putting on a damp rubber glove and wiping the furniture with the rubber glove on your hand. The pet hair will stick to the wet rubber.

Attach A Squeeze Bottle Top To Your Shop Vac For Those Little Nooks

Instead of throwing away those squeeze bottle tops from ketchup and mustard, clean them up and put them to good use. You can attach one to your shop-vac that you usually use for your car and use it to get the dust out of electronics. This is a lot cheaper and will get them cleaner than canned air.

Wash Your Pillows In The Washing Machine

You know how your nice white pillows tend to turn yellow after a while? That is sweat that has accumulated from you sleeping on them. You can actually wash your pillows in your washing machine and use a whitening solution to make them white again.

The whitening solution includes mixing some really hot water with one cup of laundry detergent, one cup of bleach, one cup of powdered dishwasher detergent, and a half cup of borax together. Place this mixed solution into your washing machine along with the pillows and wash as normal. It will make them white again!

Clean Your Garbage Disposal Naturally

Your garbage disposal gets nasty since it does dispose of unwanted food. Why not clean it up some the all-natural way? All you need is an ice cube tray for some vinegar, some lemons and water. Ensure you mark the ice cube tray that it is for the garbage disposal, because no one wants to add vinegar ice to their drinks.

Fill the ice cube tray with 8 parts water and one part vinegar. Next cut-up a lemon and put a small piece of the rind inside each ice cube tray slot for help with odor and put the solution in the freezer until frozen. Once the solution is frozen, take a couple of pieces of vinegar ice with lemon rind and place inside the garbage disposal and turn the machine on. The ice will not only help with cleaning it, since it has vinegar inside, but it can sharpen the blades as well.

Make Your Hydrogen Peroxide Bottle Into A Spray Bottle

You most likely use peroxide a lot since it can clean and disinfect many things. If you have a spray nozzle lying around somewhere, don’t throw it away. You can use it on your hydrogen peroxide bottle to turn it into a spray bottle for easier use. Just unscrew the cap and screw on the spray nozzle and you are good to go.

Remove White Marks From Furniture

If you have white marks on your hardwood furniture, you can easily remove them. Just place a few white linen napkins on the white heat mark, get them a little wet and go over them with your iron. Put the iron on medium heat and move it around on top of the wet linen napkins. This will remove the white heat marks from your furniture.

Removing Hard Water Stains Naturally

Most of us have a problem with hard water stains because we have a problem with hard water. All you need to get rid of the stains on your faucets is to cut a lemon in half, rub the faucets with the cut lemon, leave it set on the faucets for a minute or two, and then rinse it off with warm water. This will not only get rid of hard water stains but will keep your kitchen and bathroom smelling like fresh lemons.

Removing Rust From Silverware And Knives

Did you know the reason for the rust on your knives is because you put them in the butcher-block while they are still wet? Instead of doing this, place them in a kitchen drawer to allow them to air-dry. As for removing the rust from your knives and silverware, place them in lemon juice for a little while to remove the rust stains. They will come out looking brand new.

Cleaning A Showerhead

Vinegar to the rescue again! You can make your showerheads look brand new again without even scrubbing it. All you need is some distilled white vinegar placed in a plastic baggy and wrapped up with a rubber band to secure it to the showerhead. Let it sit for an hour and when you come back, take the baggy off and wipe down with a wet cloth and it will look brand new. Then, if you want to also clean your fixtures, just dab a cloth into the vinegar and wipe them down.

Cleaning Your Bathroom Exhaust

Many of us probably don’t pay much attention to the bathroom exhaust when we clean the bathroom. However, it is easy to clean. All you need to do is blast it with a bit of canned air, which will clean the dust out.

Cleaning Your Blinds

All you need to make your blinds look as good as new is some vinegar and an old sock. Just use the old sock to easily wipe in between each blind with the vinegar.

Use A Razor And Tape To Remove Things From Clothing

If you end up getting paint on your clothes or you find you have those annoying little balls of fabric on your clothes, first go over them with a razor and then some tape to remove it all. This is an easy way to reuse both razors and tape.

Clean Air Vents

Air vents are probably neglected because of how hard they are to clean. However, an easy solution to removing all of the dust and particulates is a butter knife, an old rag and the cleaning solution of your choice. Firstly, spray the vents with your cleaning product, place the rag over the butter knife and use the knife to get between all of the small crevices.

Cleaning A Blender

You can easily clean a blender the smart way by adding soap and warm water to it and turning it on. It’s a fairly simple cleaning method which you probably hadn’t thought of before. Just rinse it out really well after and you are done.

Clean Your Tub

Surely, like everyone else you have a ring around your tub like most tubs do. All you need is to mix up a solution of one part vinegar and one part dish soap. Spray this in the tub and let it sit for an hour. Come back and wipe clean and you’;; have a brand new tub again.