10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is arguably one of the most famous people on the planet. In her role as the monarch of the United Kingdom and various other countries around the world, she has been very much in the public eye for almost a century. Her recent 90th birthday has once again put her in the spotlight, yet despite her huge fame there are many facts and secrets that people don’t realize about the royal and her reign. So, read on to find out ten surprising things you never knew about Queen Elizabeth II

She Served During World War II

Even though some politicians wanted the princesses to be evacuated to Canada during World War II, they decided to stay in the United Kingdom. By the time that she was 18 in 1944, she had demanded that she be allowed to contribute in some way to the war effort. Eventually she was able to join the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service, where she trained as a truck driver and mechanic.

And Is The UK’s Longest Serving Monarch

Since her coronation in 1953, Queen Elizabeth has become the longest serving monarch in the history of the United Kingdom. Her 64 years and 74 days on the throne surpassed Queen Victoria’s 63-year reign in 2015. During that time she has seen 12 different Prime Ministers in England, 12 Presidents of the United States, and six different Popes.