20 Hilarious Websites That You Need To Visit

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The internet is one of those services that has as many positive facets attached to it as well as all the negatives. Cyber bullying, rampant pornography and frequent hacks into our private lives are just a few of the many ways people misuse the internet. Hyper-levels of connectivity between different parts of the world, exchange of information and creating a forum for free speech are some of those truly valid points that helps us retain faith on the internet. Humor is one of those facts that thrives on this medium, with thousands, if not millions, of pages dedicated to providing unique and hilarious content. Here is a list of 20 websites that you need to visit if you enjoy a good joke and you are looking for something offbeat:


If you thought A.I was going to be used for purely scientific purposes, think again! Meet ‘Cleverbot’, a website that is capable of conversing quite well with you. It learns from prior conversations with people and has a huge database that has been collected from various sources. As it picks up more material based on the people who access the site, it will be interesting to use this website a couple of years from now, after we humans really mess with its database.


This website has a very simple premise. You will see a curious looking black, flexible stick hovering on the site. You can move your mouse to shake this stick vigorously. When you do, something really hilarious happens! Check it out for yourself, unless you are prone to seizures.


This hilarious website uses a massive database of images to provide a truly pointless service. You can click anywhere on the black screen provided on the homepage, and the website will generate an image of a person pointing to that exact spot. That is a lot of thought and hard work for a humor-based website.


Ever wondered how Jackson Pollock created some of his finest work? Well he clearly had access to this wonderfully fun website way before any of us, which is why they named this page after him. Get artistic and splash some paint around using this fun website.


This absurd little creation is good for a few laughs, especially as you try to figure out all the crazy elements attached to a singular head. If you are looking for random and insane, then there is nothing quite like Feedthehead.net.


This amazing, well-designed site is almost hypnotic in nature and is sure to grab your attention for some time. The optical illusion of zooming into a singular image to reveal more fascinating, increasingly psychedelic visuals is something everyone needs to experience right away for their own sake.


The name of this website could not be any more clearly worded. If you want to kill some time and you want to do it by surfing the web for pointless content, then you need to get onto this site to avoid wasting time switching from one pointless site to another. All your wasteful needs have now been accounted for by one, useful, wasteful site.


Have you always wanted to travel the world but your annoying job has been tying you down? Now you can travel the world on the annoying computer at your annoying job while sponging off the free bandwidth that makes everything slightly less annoying. Mapcrunch.com renders a completely random 360 degree view from all over the world for you to ogle at and wish you were there.


Another website with a simple premise but works well if you are looking for some entertainment. The site offers you a button and asks you not to click it. Every time you do, an argument opens up along with another button that you are not supposed to click either. This endless cycle is hilarious because of the funnily worded content asking you not to click on the button.


People are going to say stupid things all the time, it’s just what we do. This great website decided to pay a homage to our stupidity by collecting a huge collection of funny e-mails that should have never been sent out. This is a great way to kill time and feel better about your self.


Have you ever wanted to buy a whole bunch of things that you never really needed? Thank god for the internet, am I right? Where else are you supposed to find light saber key chains or pizza shaped pool floats? This tempting site will have you spend all your money and replace it with a bunch of things you will never use twice. It’s a real steal!


This handy website offers you a lot of important lessons and guidelines related to your favorite musical instrument. This is not a gag, this is actually a useful website that is fun and educational.


This brilliant website is honestly better than google, and is a refreshing new way to browse for any sort of information. It really dives deep into the search topic of your choice and brings up results that are genuinely useful and informative. Try this out, you will be pleasantly surprised.


Have you ever felt like changing the URL of a particular website on your laptop to appear like something else? Of course not, but you can do that now thanks to this website.


The creation of GIFs has led to some of the funniest and most annoying moments on the internet. This GIF database has all the funny ones you will ever want to see, arranged neatly based on categories, artists and a lot more. It is very professional for a website that only has GIFs.


If you ever wanted concrete, definitive proof that the internet is broken, then you need to visit this website. One click over here, and you will be convinced that the internet is in need of some thorough rebranding.


Have you ever wanted to create your own animated show, but you have never had the skill, time or resources to make it happen? Drawastickman.com allows you to create your own stick heroes and watch them be a part of some epic adventures.


Have you ever wanted to use a three-dimensional line to create unique and interesting shapes in an open space? Of course not! If you have ever fancied the idea, then try this website and attempt creating your own designs.


Being patient is a hard skill to master and everyone needs help with it. This website has come up with a unique and hilarious way to help you increase your patience levels. Just make sure you wait for the site to load entirely.


This great idea shows us that the internet can be used to really create something productive and make a difference in people’s lives. Who among us hasn’t been through a horrible day? When you go through one the next time, make sure you log onto this website. This warm and sweet idea is sure to make you smile and possibly even forget about your worries.