20 Fashionable Celebrities From The 90’s You Wanted To Look Like

It’s hard to believe that the 90’s ended well over 15 years ago. The 90’s were such a fashionable decade that was with filled with some fashion trends that are still popular today. You’ve probably had that one celebrity or fictional character from a popular TV show that you often turned to in order to know the latest fashion trend. Chances are, you probably copied some of their styles and made them your own. Let’s take a look at some fashionable icons from that decade that we all gawked over and wanted to be like.


Aaliyah made being it cool to be a sexy tom boy. From the oversized jeans, crop tops and the famous hair swoop over the eye, you definitely wanted to dress like Aaliyah.


In the 90’s, Brandy was known for her famous braids. She became a household name after Moesha, and every week we would tune in to see what kind of hairstyle she was wearing.


Everyone wanted to wear those oversized, colorful hats that Mayim Bialik and Jenna von Oy would wear on Blossom. Their hats would always perfectly match their outfits.

The Spice Girls

Aside from being known for their girl power, The Spice Girls made heads turn with their interesting choice of fashion. They always wore those wedged sneakers and vibrant, funky clothes.