20 Facts About The NFL You Never Knew

The $25,000 Super Bowl Trophy

The Super Bowl trophy is worth $25,000. This is just a small amount more than what Ndamukong Suh earns per minute.

Coach Joe Gibbs Made History

Joe Gibbs is the only NFL coach to average more than one playoff win in over 10 years as a coach. He actually had 17 playoff wins in his 16 years as a coach, mostly with the Redskins.

The Green Bay Packers’ Helmet Is On College Fields Too

Since Coach Vince Dooley from the University of Georgia liked the Greenbay Packers’ helmet logo so much, he borrowed its look for the Bulldogs.

1968 And 1988 Make Modern NFL Draft History

There’s only been one year in modern NFL draft history when a quarterback wasn’t selected in one of the first two rounds. This happened in 1988 when Tom Tupa was the 68th pick, and Chris Chandler was the 76th pick.