20 Epic Photos That Are Perfectly Timed

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There is nothing better than a perfectly timed photo — the best ones often seem to happen by accident! Thanks to camera phones and WiFi, in the blink of an eye we can capture a totally hilarious moment and upload it to the internet for all to see, laugh at and share. Whether it’s at home, on the streets or in the workplace, you should always have your camera ready because you never know when a funny photo opportunity will present itself. Take a look at these 20 epic photos that are perfectly timed.

Food Snatcher

That awkward moment when a bird gets to decide whether or not you finish eating your ice cream.

Dog Face

When you try to take a selfie and your pup tries to steal the show!

Cover Girl

How many of us can say that we’ve been the ‘face’ of a magazine?


Michael Jackson may have perfected the moonwalk, but this guy can literally walk on the moon. Well, in this photo he can!

Ice Skating

I know that ice skaters can be flexible, but this takes it to a whole new level.

Cat Love

These cats refuse to hide their love.

Ax In The Head

Wow, for someone with an ax in her head, she sure seems calm.

Sky Cone

By the look on his little face, he seems to be really enjoying that sky cone.

Short Shorts

From a distance, it seems as if this guy has really nice legs.

Cat Model

Well it’s about time Abercrombie and Fitch hired a cat model, I mean, it’s 2015 for crying out loud.

Boob Envy

This is actually a great way to see how you would look with bigger boobs, before going through the actual surgery.

Bad Statue

Run little birdy, run for your life… Or fly for your life!

Dog Man

The dog-man is back, and he’s not looking too happy!

Sexy Photo

This seems like a rather inconspicuous photo — until you see their shadows. It seems as if those shadows are having much more fun than their creators are.

Rebel Bird

This bird simply refuses to confine to society’s rules.

Sneaky Monkey

Hey little monkey, its not polite to peek!

Giraffe Travel

Look, the giraffe is trying to help the pilot land the plane; how nice.

Yoga Session

I like to try new things, but if this is some new type of yoga move, then I’m out!

Bad Mannequin

We’ve all wanted to do this to our boss at some point!


I think the fashion police would be impressed; the only question now is — who wore it better?