20 Celebrities Who Will Make You Proud To Be A Woman

In the entertainment industry, it’s easy for a woman to be classified or stereotyped under certain labels – cute, sexy, slutty, pretty – all insinuating that they aren’t intelligent, witty, hard-working, or capable of success without a man (or a team of men) behind them.

These women have proven time and time again that it is never necessary to qualify yourself under any certain label or category to be successful in whatever it is that you do. The lesson behind this particular list is that women should not compete with each other – girls do that. Women should get behind one another, and show support for each other.

Angelina Jolie Declined Being A Bond Girl

When Angelina Jolie was asked if she would be interested in playing a Bond Girl, she said “Nope! I want to play Bond.”

Nicki Minaj Reminds Women To Say What They Want

She stated “For all the women, stop feeling like you shouldn’t speak your mind because somebody’s gonna call you a b*tch. Speak your motherf*cking mind.

Katy Perry Refusing To Pick Favorites

When asked who she would rather kiss between Pink and Lily Allen, she replied “Menage a trois,” simply meaning why not both (threesome).

Tina Fey Straightens Everyone Out

In the movie Mean Girls, which Tina Fey co-wrote, she said “You all have to stop calling each other sl*ts and wh*res. It only makes it okay for guys to call you sl*ts and wh*res.”