20 Bizarre Pieces Of Furniture You Can Buy Right Now

Pencil Chair

Making furniture out of wood is commonplace throughout the world, although the material used is generally things like oak, ebony or pine, rather than pencils. When combined together, the individually weak pencils, come together to make a surprisingly strong structure that can be used as a normal chair. Just make sure none of the points are facing upwards.

Staircase Storage

Finding adequate storage can be difficult in smaller homes due to the limited amount of space available. This unique storage structure combines drawers, cabinets and cupboards together in one tall solution. What really makes it distinctive though is the fact that the bottom drawers can be used as a staircase to reach the other sections.

Flat Table Luxury Gold

Having a pool table in the house is something that a lot of people want but simply don’t have enough space to do so. While many compromised designs exist, most are tacky and of low quality. This piece differs in that it is a sophisticated design that is perfect as a dining table when not be used for pool.

Transforming Furniture

Another useful piece of furniture for those with limited space in their home, this transforming structure is able to act bizarrely as a dining table, sofa and chairs or a storage chest with very little effort. When not being used it is even able to be folded away and stacked so that it is very much out of the way.