20 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories And Their Origins

There Are Irritants In The Ingredients Of Carmex Lip Balm

People continue to claim that lip balm maker Carmex includes bits of fiberglass in the ingredients, tearing up your lips and requiring you to apply more lip balm. This theory has been proven false easily, many times, but fans of the conspiracy claim Carmex is covering up the testing of their product with bribe money.

Chemtrails = Death

In 1996, a conspiracy theory surrounding the trails left behind by aircraft began to circulate. The theories claimed that these chemtrails were actually harmful chemicals planned to make humans less intelligent, weaker or less healthy. The Air Force, however, continues to deny these claims.

The Dark Ages Never Happened

This theory suggests that the period between AD 614 and 911, known as the Dark Ages, is either dated incorrectly or just never happened. Developed in 1991 by German historian Heribert Illig, this theory claimed that there isn’t a lot of evidence that dates back to the Dark Ages.

Monster Energy Drink Is Subliminally Promoting 666

Monster energy drink has become one of the most-purchased energy drinks in North America, with its advertising of a super shot of energy for high adrenaline sports and activities. However, some people believe that this beverage is secretly promoting the Mark of the Beast in its logo.

Some blogs and websites have noticed that the logo is very similar to the Hebrew letter “Vav”. In the Hebrew alphabet, every letter has a corresponding number and Vav’s number is 6. Therefore the three Vavs in a row form 666, which is the Biblical number of the Beast. Religious believers claim 666 will be the official number of the Antichrist in the end times, so clearly, Monster energy drinks are promoting Satan.