19 Strange And Outrageous Wedding Dresses

Brides look high and low all over the world for the perfect dress. They are told that this will be the most important day of their lives, so it’s only natural that they want to find the best dress to spend that day in. They want something that represents them. Something that incorporates things that they like. Sometimes wedding dresses can be as unique as the woman wearing them. Here are 19 examples of some of the strangest dresses around.

She’s The “Wifey”

Airbrush looks cool on tee-shirts, pants, hats and other accessories. Not so sure about across the butt on a woman’s wedding dress, though.

Camo Obsession

Why is camo so popular? It’s understandable among hunters and outdoorsmen and women. This obsession, however, has extended even to wedding dresses. Do they want to blend in to their surroundings at their outdoor wedding? Just in case they find the perfect deer?

The Dress Is A Cake

Hopefully that dude beside her is the groom. How fun is that to have the bride dress as a cake and the groom as a baker? Maybe they just really, really like cream puffs. Not sure if they’d be edible after being worn all day.

Amurica, Amurica!

How patriotic! They say, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” She has the blue covered, at least.