18 Celebrities Who Went Crazy Over Their Fame

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Fame and fortune are just two things most of us secretly crave for. However, admiring our celebrity crushes, we often tend to forget that they are as human as we are. Constantly being followed around by paparazzi, legally bound by thousands of content contracts and receiving more money that they can actually handle, most celebs tend to go crazy from time to time. And while some just do a funny dance on the Ellen show and others take crazy selfies on rooftops, other stars just go totally out of their minds over their fame. Making us question why they would act like that and making fan speculation run wild, here are 18 celebrities that have gone totally out of their minds over their fame and fortune.

Charlie Sheen

Okay, this one is probably pretty obvious and a bit of a low hanging fruit, when it comes to celebs gone crazy over their fame. The infamous mister Sheen was quite familiar with the spotlights of fame, when he suffered his mental breakdown. Having been over 30 years in the acting business, the former star of Two and a Half Men “snapped” and begun acting quite inappropriately to his former crew, reaching a point where he was entirely removed from the TV show. This resulted in numerous reports of his crazy drug-filled lifestyle and ultimately cast a shadow over his acting career. Currently, Charlie Sheen only has low-priority roles, most notable of which – in the TV Series Anger Management.

Demi Lovato

There are a number of Disney child stars, turned prodigies, who went crazy over their fame as they’ve matured under the spotlight, most of them featured on this list. However, what most people don’t know is that the seemingly innocent Demi Lovato had a mental break down of her own. While on tour with The Jonas Brothers, the actress suffered from a nervous break down. Quitting the tour, she checked herself into a treatment facility in the fall of 2010, later stating that her manager and parents pulled her aside for intervention before things got out of hand. Leaving the treatment facility in January 2011, Demi Lovato became mentally stable and healthy enough to partner with The Jed Foundation in order to help out teens, who have deal with any mental problems they may face.

Marilyn Monroe

While our younger audience may not be that closely familiar with the infamous sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, those of age know her not only for her sex-appeal, but also her constant mental breakdowns. The Hollywood actress was admitted to a hospital for paranoid schizophrenia when she was eight years old. Once famous, the actress had numerous nervous breakdowns, most notably on the set of The Misfits in 1960. Furthermore, the actress stated multiple times that she was hearing voices and even went on medication. Her meltdowns continued in the following years, getting worse, until Monroe was found dead in her home in Brentwood, California in the summer of 1962.

Amanda Bynes

Famous as a kid, a teen and an adult, Amanda Bynes has also had numerous breakdowns in the different stages of her life. The actress, most famous for her work in She’s The Man and What I Like About You, has not starred in a movie or TV series since 2010. However, that did not stop her from making headlines, as her crazy psycho-induced moments are worthy of a top list of their own. Driving under influence and tweeting to the President about it, getting kicked out of the gym halfway through a spin class is just everyday life for her. However, with Amanda Bynes the party never stops. She was kicked out of her management team, she started walking around New York with a blanket on top of her head, she had an eating disorder and ruined her looks with plastic surgery and she publicly bashed Rihanna.

Britney Spears

Okay, the story of a famous teen gone crazy under the spotlight of fame is quite the trend in LA. However, let’s talk about a far more familiar case – the mental breakdown of Britney Spears. Once a cute little teen with a school uniform singing a pop song stuck in the heads of many, Britney suddenly went crazy, shaved her head and started acting completely insane. Her erratic behavior resulted in constant media coverage and most thought her career to be dead. However, the singer did manage to pull her mind together and got back on the pop scene with hits, such as Womanizer and I Wanna Go.

Stephen Fry

Comedy enthusiasts and lovers of British humor are probably well familiar with the work of the infamous comic Stephen Fry. While he often has Twitter meltdowns, deciding to quit the social network over and over again, they are far less worrisome than his suicide attempt back in 2012. Having bipolar disorder, the actor had been struggling with his mental health issues far before actually trying to take his own life. Taking a huge number of pills, he was found in an “unconscious state” by his producer, which ultimately saved his life. While his mental problems are the first thing that come to mind with regard to the reasoning behind the attempt, the actor has had multiple meltdowns over the years, because of his fame. He even fled his country, trying to escape the constant pressure the press put on him. Well, juggling fame and a mental disorder does not seem to be a good combo, but at least he’s continuing to make audiences laugh.

Dave Chappelle

From one comic to another! Dave Chappelle was quite a normal guy, before his stand up routines took off sending him into the comedy hall of fame in almost an instant. However, just after signing a huge contract, securing a large amount of money, he went to do his stand up routine in Hartford Connecticut. However, in the middle of the show he just walked off the stage, took a flight to Africa and was never to be seen for a couple of weeks. His career did continue after the fact, but his explanation for what happened sparked numerous speculation for the involvement of secret groups, including the Illuminati. Chappelle stated that after a man reaches a certain amount of money in LA, he has to answer to certain people, and the pressure just got to him, as he fled to Africa. Weird, right? Illuminati? Who knows?!

Christian Bale

Fan favorite Christian Bale, playing the Dark Knight in the infamous movie trilogy, also had some mental issues during his career. A few years back, in July 2008, the actor decided to put people in their place by releasing his anger onto them. In particular, Bale started yelling at Shane Hurlbut, his crew member, on the set of Terminator Salvation. Acting like “a punk“, the actor clearly thought his fame made him special in some way, at least while anger was taking over him. Of course, things quickly settled down in the upcoming months and the career of Bale was not directly affected by his anger management issues.

Lindsay Lohan

Okay. Another low hanging fruit, when it comes to celebrity meltdowns – Lindsey Lohan has now became infamous for her madness. One could not simply describe the actresses multiple meltdowns in a few sentences – it just wouldn’t be enough. Starting her career at the age of 11, Lohan was praised for her acting talent and was the star of multiple movies, most notable the remake of Freaky Friday (2003). In later years, she started working as a fashion model and launched her own clothing line, after which she decided to resume her acting career, appearing in Robert Rodriguez’s movie Machete (2010).

Miley Cyrus

Okay, we simply can’t mention Lindsay Lohan, without including Miley Cyrus. One of the infamous Disney child stars that turned crazy mad, Miley followed on the footsteps of stars before her, including Lindsay Lohan. The once cute and lovable child, Miley grew into a rebellious teenager, only to cut her hair short and twerk on the stage of the MTV VMA 2013 scantily clad. After that she had a number of other crazy moments, including crying on the stage and fighting with paparazzi, but as her latest music videos revealed, she’s definitely not the same innocent girl she was before becoming famous.

Kanye West

Kanye has recently hit headlines as his egoism went far enough as to enrage the hacktivist group Anonymous, making him their primary target for the time being. While his lifestyle choices are constantly questioned, one particular act will always haunt his name – his erratic behavior at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. While Taylor Swift was accepting her speech, the rapper stormed the stage, grabbing the mic out of her hands and making her moment his own. It’s safe to say fame got to him and he believes every moment should be his.

Martin Lawrence

Back in May 1996, the star of Bad Boys Martin Lawrence had a complete nervous breakdown. Reportedly going crazy over the control media had over him, he started walking the streets of Los Angeles, waving a loaded gun and shouting “Fight the power!” at the passing cars. He even went on the middle of the street, continuing to shout his chants. According to official reports, his meltdown was drug-induced.

Russell Crowe

Okay, here’s a doozie! Russell Crowe seems like your average Hollywood celebrity, right? Yes, he believes he can sing, while audiences who have seen Les Miserables do not agree with him. However, his meltdown dates as far back as June 2005. Trying to call his wife in Australia, while in a New York hotel room, unable to do so, the actor went down to the reception and whacked the hotel telephone into the head of a hotel employee. Who was he to tell Russell Crowe the problem was with the telecommunication companies. Of course, everything got quickly resolved, as the employee suffered only a minor injury and Crowe continued to shine with unforgettable performances in multiple titles.

Michael Jackson

The late Michael Jackson had a number of controversies stuck to his name. While his infamous plastic surgery to change the color of his skin, induced by his fame, left him stuck with the nickname Wacko Jacko, another one of his crazy acts stays alive after his death. Back in November 2002, the pop icon decided to show off his nine-month-old son to the public for all to see. How, you ask? Well, the best way a star knows how – by waving him over a Berlin balcony. Holding his baby with one hand and the metal railing of the balcony of the other, MJ was happy to hear the screams of the fans. However, what he did not realize was that these screams were mostly out of terror – as everyone was worried will the hanging-by-a-thread baby fall or not.

Justin Bieber

Too much Disney child stars on the list? Probably, but apparently hormones get into the head of famous teenagers as well. Hated by some and loved by others, Bieber went from being a lovable tween to a total hormone crazy arrogant teen. With jerk-like behavior, the pop star was arrested for dangerous driving and assault as well as driving under the influence. However, believing fame and fortune controls it all, Bieber did not stop acting like the most arrogant man that ever lived, by urinating on public places and insulting a hooker. Now, that’s fame-induced arrogance that can only be described with one word – Bieber!

Bill O’Reilly

Everyone knows that news anchors are quite arrogant on the inside, as depicted in multiple comedies, most notably – The Anchorman. Bill O’Reilly, a now infamous Fox New commentator was quite impulsive in his early days of television fame. While being the anchor at Inside Edition, Bill O’Reilly went totally crazy and started shouting at his crew for a poorly written teleprompter. Becoming a viral YouTube video and a meme in the process, the clip of O’Reilly goes to show that even a little fame goes a long way into craziness and arrogance.

Robert Downey Jr.

Have you watched Iron Man? Of course you have! Well, while today Robert Downey Jr. is quite mentally stable and doing for man kind both on and off the screen, back in his early days of fame he had his moments. Most notably, the actor was caught in April 1996 speeding down Sunset Boulevard. A quick jog hurts nobody, right? Well, the crazy part is that the actor was completely naked and he was throwing “imaginary rats“. Having battled drug and alcohol addiction for a couple of years at the time, the actor was also arrested for the possession of heroin, a unloaded Magnum handgun and cocaine. The actor also stated that as he was rising on the ladder of stardom he put the loaded gun multiple times in his mouth, as he liked having his finger on the trigger and tasting the gunmetal. Well, apparently fame can get into the skin of Iron Man as well.

Margot Kidder

Okay, we definitely have missed a few notable names on the list, including Mariah Carey, the couch-jumping Tom Cruise, the nervousness of the topless 17-year-old Kate Moss and the christmas-tree-jumping Kiefer Sutherland, among others. However, the 18th and last crazy star breakdown we have to feature on this list is the one of Margot Kidder. While for today’s youth Margot Kidder is nothing but a name on the list, the actress was quite famous back in the days, most notably for her role as Lois Lane in the Superman movies. The star had quite an interesting and very public breakdown. Okay, fame has little to do with her actions, but they are definitely noteworthy! As a computer virus destroyed all of her memoir writings, the emotions of Kidder were turned upside down. She went on to believe that her ex-husband was trying to kill her and thus she did the most logical thing possible – cut her hair with a razor and disguising herself as a homeless person on the street. Eventually, the star was discovered by the police and treated for manic depression, after which she had a number of acting roles and in 2007, she reported that she hadn’t had such manic depressive episodes for over eleven years! Good for her!