18 Celebrities Who Went Crazy Over Their Fame

Fame and fortune are just two things most of us secretly crave for. However, admiring our celebrity crushes, we often tend to forget that they are as human as we are. Constantly being followed around by paparazzi, legally bound by thousands of content contracts and receiving more money that they can actually handle, most celebs tend to go crazy from time to time. And while some just do a funny dance on the Ellen show and others take crazy selfies on rooftops, other stars just go totally out of their minds over their fame. Making us question why they would act like that and making fan speculation run wild, here are 18 celebrities that have gone totally out of their minds over their fame and fortune.

Charlie Sheen

Okay, this one is probably pretty obvious and a bit of a low hanging fruit, when it comes to celebs gone crazy over their fame. The infamous mister Sheen was quite familiar with the spotlights of fame, when he suffered his mental breakdown. Having been over 30 years in the acting business, the former star of Two and a Half Men “snapped” and begun acting quite inappropriately to his former crew, reaching a point where he was entirely removed from the TV show. This resulted in numerous reports of his crazy drug-filled lifestyle and ultimately cast a shadow over his acting career. Currently, Charlie Sheen only has low-priority roles, most notable of which – in the TV Series Anger Management.

Demi Lovato

There are a number of Disney child stars, turned prodigies, who went crazy over their fame as they’ve matured under the spotlight, most of them featured on this list. However, what most people don’t know is that the seemingly innocent Demi Lovato had a mental break down of her own. While on tour with The Jonas Brothers, the actress suffered from a nervous break down. Quitting the tour, she checked herself into a treatment facility in the fall of 2010, later stating that her manager and parents pulled her aside for intervention before things got out of hand. Leaving the treatment facility in January 2011, Demi Lovato became mentally stable and healthy enough to partner with The Jed Foundation in order to help out teens, who have deal with any mental problems they may face.