20 Tropical Island Destinations You Must Visit

Tropical islands are paradise locations around the world. This list showcases the lesser known vacation destinations that are the world’s best kept secret treasures. Some of these islands are industrialized nations with universities and public transportation while others remain trapped in a slower, easier time with ox drawn carts. These paradise islands, located from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic to the South Pacific, all have three things in common: sandy beaches, palm trees, and a body of water to explore. There is a beach chair somewhere waiting for you.

Pristine Little Corn Island, Nicaragua’s Hidden Gem

Little Corn Island is one of the Caribbean’s last pristine areas. It is located approximately 45 miles from the mainland of Nicaragua. Horseback riding, snorkeling, and scuba diving are activities that are available at this tropical destination.

Experience The Mediterranean’s Charms: Malta’s Island of Gozo

Gozo is a tiny island in the Mediterranean that is located just a 20-minute ferry ride from Malta, its sister island. Rental villas are an alternative to traditional hotel accommodations. Each villa is equipped with a private pool, and the stay is inexpensive. A variety of bed and breakfasts host visitors for a nominal fee. Archaeological sites, museums, gardens, and chapels are among the island’s charms that visitors must experience while on the island. Adventurers are not left out on Gozo; diving, rock-climbing, horseback riding, and touring the countryside are optional recreational activities offered here.