15 Of The Worst Movies Viewers Have Witnessed

We’ve all seen a movie or two that was so horrific we either had to write a scathing review somewhere or make a serious attempt to forget the film was ever created or witnessed by anyone in the world. Unfortunately, there are far too many such films currently floating around the world, but the Internet has made it a little safer by offering anonymous individuals’ opinions on whether or not you should waste your time. When it comes to the 15 movies listed here, you should definitely find something better to do.


Blubberella comes from the horrible mind of director Uwe Boll, who has become known for presenting terrible movies to the world. The story behind the film is of an overweight woman who causes explosions with each footstep and uses swords to deal with anyone who dares make fun of her. Unfortunately, the premise is the only thing that sounds interesting.

2.5/10 Rating

Baby Geniuses

You would think a film about babies so smart that they could put most adults to shame would at least be a little bit hilarious. But that isn’t the case for this comedy, unfortunately. The film follows a group of intelligent babies held captive by scientists. Bob Clark should be ashamed of what he has done with this movie.

2.5/10 Rating