15 Tricks That Can Help You Get The Girl

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Need some tips and tricks to get the girl? Sometimes guys need a little help when it comes to getting a girlfriend. You want to make sure that you find a girl that is right for you and you don’t want to waste a lot of time with the wrong woman. So, how can you make sure you find Miss Right without spending too much time in the dating pool? Well, consider the fact that your time in the pool could be useful too, then you’ll be on the right track.

Show You Care

Winning a woman over is pretty easy if you spend some time showing her that you actually care. That can be as simple as listening to her or as romantic as giving her some flowers. Don’t wait until you are officially dating, start early and you’ll have a better chance winning her heart.

Don’t Fake Your Interests

Some dating articles will tell you that you should fake interests so that it looks like you like the same things she does. However, that is likely to backfire on you if things work out and you don’t suddenly develop a real interest in sewing or knitting.

Be Confident

First, remember that women aren’t usually big fans of guys with too much confidence. However, she will be happy to see you showered, got a hair cut, put on deodorant, and are walking with your eyes straight ahead.

Be Silly

Women want to know that you are down to Earth. While you don’t want to just be the class clown, you should also let her at least see some of your silly side. Women sometimes like a man that makes them laugh.

Don’t Pretend To Be Someone Else

You’ll have better luck with the ladies if you don’t fake it. Don’t tell her you are someone you aren’t, unless you have no intention of your relationship working out.

Embrace Your Feminine Side

There is nothing wrong with being a little metro. You’ll find that women like a man that takes care of himself, even if that means a weekly facial.

Leave The Past Behind

If you aren’t ready to stop talking about your ex then you aren’t ready to find someone new. Ditch the baggage or it will never work out.

Pay Attention To Her

Women want men that pay attention to them. Look at her when she is talking. Repeat some of the things she says so she knows you are actually listening.

Don’t Be Easy

While you don’t want to play games, and you do want to focus your attention on her, you also don’t want to be too easy. Don’t throw yourself at her, you wouldn’t want her to do that either.

Be A Joiner

If you are having trouble finding women to ask out, get out there so that you can find someone with similar interests. Join a gym if you enjoy fitness or take a class for something you’ve always wanted to learn, like art or cooking.

Just Be Yourself

This isn’t just a reiteration of not faking it. If you are a geek, let your geek flag fly. If you are a gym rat, don’t hide that. It’s best to be honest right up front. Be yourself, not someone else.

Be Social

When you go out to meet women, or go out on a date, make sure you’re social. Focus your attention on her and talk, don’t leave moments for awkward silence. Show her you’re actually interested.

Don’t Try Too Hard

Again, this isn’t about not being to easy. You also don’t want to push yourself on a woman that may not seem to interested. If you’re talking and she’s just not opening up, maybe it’s time to call it a night.

Know What You Are Looking For

Take some time to write down who your ideal woman is. You don’t want to waste a bunch of time with the wrong one when it could have been easy to find the right one.

Be A Romantic

Women love romance, so be romantic if you really want to win her over. Take a moonlit walk, buy her flowers, give her jewelry. Use something special when you ask her to be your steady and she’ll have to say yes.