15 Shocking Secret Employee Rules Disney Doesn’t Want You To Know

Beards Policy

“Surely they can’t be against cast members having facial hair?” You cry out to your monitors. “What about male characters that actually do have beards?” First, stop yelling at us. We are but mere messengers. Second, Disneyland has actually taken this into account. While they do allow men to have facial hair, the rules are still pretty strict.

For example, if a cast member needs to have a mustache or beard for their role, it must be fully grown, i.e. no little bits of bum fluff or stubble. If you’re going to grow facial hair, then it must be FACIAL HAIR of the highest caliber. It also needs to be neatly trimmed and well kept. So no hobo characters, we guess. However, if it’s a moustache then it cannot extend over the lip or past the corners of the mouth. There goes our twirly moustache for twiddling when hatching evil schemes.

Yep. Even Eyewear Is Not Safe

It would be a bit far to suggest that Disney wouldn’t hire people who need to wear glasses. Obviously the character details need to be spot on and as far as we can tell, there aren’t any Disney characters that wear them (we would Google to check but quite frankly, we’re still giggling at the bearded Aerial image above), so yes glasses are actually acceptable. Otherwise it could be interpreted as discrimination. Maybe. We don’t know.

However, absolutely no logos must be present on any pair of glasses. Whether that means they don’t want to advertise the brand of any rival glasses company or whether they’re afraid cast members might be trying to get themselves sponsored like Nascar drivers it’s not quite clear. Also, glasses must be sensible in just about every respect, from color to design. No funky Elton John style glasses for Aladdin then. Shame really. That would look awesome.