15 Of The Hottest Female Red-Headed Celebrities

Real or fake, redheads are not just sexy and sultry, they are also often pretty hot to look at. People might like to say that redheads have no soul, but most of these beautiful women will prove otherwise. Some people ask who has more fun, blondes, brunettes, or redheads. Although it depends on who you’re asking, it’s likely these fifteen redheads will say it’s them. From successful careers to great looks, here are some hot women you’ll love or even be envious of.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams is hot in an adorable sort of way, if you’ve ever taken some time to watch any of her rom-com rolls. In this photo it’s obvious she has a sexy side too!

Christina Hendricks

This curvy bombshell made a name for herself on AMCs Mad Men. She’s not only a great looking redhead, but she is also an example of how to be confident in yourself!

Angie Everhart

In the 90’s, Angie was a household name among men who fell in love with this steaming hot redhead. One of her sexiest roles just might have been as a vampire in Bordello of Blood.