12 Ways To Annoy People On Planes

Dream Time

You can still be annoying while you’re unconscious (or pretending to be): stretch out into other people’s very small personal space; do a little drooling; snoring is always a winner; disturbing muttering; and the old favorite, sleeping on the shoulder of the guy next to you. Keep one eye partly open so you can see the annoyed looks on everyone’s faces while you stop them from getting some shut eye of their own!

Cue The Queue

Now you’ve had a rest, it’s time for nature to call. While you may not need to do Number Two’s, you can still take all the time you need – hey, you paid for this toilet as part of your plane ticket! If only you could enjoy the view of all the people lining up down the aisle – you’ll just have to enjoy it when you finally come out. Oh, and don’t forget to use as much paper as possible, and splash some water around for good measure.