12 Movie Sets Where People Were Killed Or Injured

The Passion Of The Christ – 2004

Mel Gibson’s Biblical movie was certainly a blockbusters in many regards. But this film which chronicled Jesus’ suffering was not without controversy. The lead actor, Jim Caviezel, who portrayed Jesus, seemed to suffer the brunt of what many call ‘God’s wrath’.

Caviezel spent 8 hours in makeup which left him with headaches and skin infections, he had a lung infection and pneumonia, he had a case of near-hypothermia, a dislocated shoulder, and he was accidentally whipped on several occasions.

But there’s more, to top it all off Caviezel was also struck by lightening. Some may call this a sign from God, but despite it all the actor hung in there.

Silence – 2015

Though the film has not yet hit theaters, it is already causing a stir and not just because of its major star power, which includes Andrew Garfield, Liam Neeson director Martin Scorsese.

In January of 2015 the set, located in Taiwan, was declared unsafe for filming due to weak structures in the building, so contractors were hired to fix the situation.

Unfortunately in a matter of seconds the ceiling of the structure collapsed on two of the workers; one was killed and the other seriously injured.

The Exorcist – 1973

This film about a young girl possessed by the devil continues to be one the scariest movies ever, not just because of its premise but also due to what happened during filming.

Some reports say that 9 people died while on the set, other reports say it’s four, included in the numbers are actors Jack MacGowran and Vasiliki Maliaros.

Other spooky things happened as well, things caught fire under mysterious circumstances, and actress Linda Blair even reportedly “predicted” the death of a crew member with a line of dialogue.

Evangelist Billy Graham felt that there was something dark about the movie (outside of the obvious). According to Graham, “There is a power of evil in the film, in the fabric of the film itself.