10 Delicious Food From McDonald’s Restaurants Around The World

There has come a time in almost every single person’s life when they stop through a McDonald’s fast food restaurant and enjoy a Big Mac, Chicken Nuggets, or perhaps a simple Quarter Pounder. It is delicious, relatively cheap, but oh so bad for you. Those are some of the most basic items on the fast food restaurant’s extensive menu. In other countries, however, there are some far more interesting food options to select your next meal from. Here are ten of the most delicious food items from around the world. These could be worth taking the trip for.

McToast (Italy)

The McToast is so incredibly simple, and yet it looks beyond delicious, too. The sandwich is nothing more than a hamburger bun turned inside out and stuffed with ham and melted cheese. It’s a lunchtime favorite in Italy.

Veg Pizza McPuff (India)

You may one of those individuals who absolutely enjoys vegetables instead of meat on their pizza, and there is nothing wrong with that. In India, at McDonald’s locations, you can get the Veg Pizza McPuff, which looks tasty enough.